Releasing PTSD: The Client Sessions

Get results with complex PTSD in hours – not months or years.
See what’s possible and become a more effective therapist.


Releasing PTSD: Steve Andreas Works With An Iraq Veteran

You can observe the complete process of guiding an Iraq Vet in resolving PTSD, along with many companion issues, in just four sessions totaling 9 hours. The program is divided into 13 segments of streaming video that you can watch at your own pace, whenever you want to, as often as you want to — no time limit.

Learn from these videos how to help others release terrifying past experiences. Nowhere else can you view an entire successful treatment in complete detail.

Most work with complex PTSD is very slow and ineffective for two reasons. Usually there are many different issues that need to be teased apart and dealt with in very different ways, and most therapists don’t have dependable ways to resolve each of them.

Although this program is primarily directed toward therapists, those suffering from PTSD can benefit from seeing how much can be accomplished in a short time.


Why Learn These Techniques?

  • See complete sessions. Most therapists never show any video of what they actually do, or at most show brief highlights, and we are left wondering what actually happens in sessions. Nowhere else do you have access to complete video of what a therapist does with a client from start to finish.
  • Bite-sized chunks. The sessions are divided into 13 useful segments, each focused primarily on one issue, making it easy for you to find or review exactly what you want to study.
  • The work is efficient and focused — so it’s interesting all the way through, as you watch the process unfold.
  • Convenience. The program is “cloud based,” so you have access to the program wherever and whenever you want, and watch as many times as you want.
  • Flexible approach. You’ll see how to follow the client’s needs and leads, and how to choose and adapt interventions to assist someone with PTSD make a full recovery in a short time.
  • Understand the process. Each video segment has a written introduction and commentary to help you understand how Steve is thinking about the process and what he is doing. And each video page has a comment section where you can ask further questions.
  • Other than the written introductions, these sessions on Releasing PTSD do not include any explicit teaching of the methods demonstrated.

Other than the written introductions, these sessions on Releasing PTSD do not include any explicit teaching of the methods demonstrated.

A companion site at contains a comprehensive 4-day training (15 hours) in these, and other methods useful in treating complex PTSD, with live demonstrations, discussion, and pdf handouts.

Releasing PTSD is the perfect companion to The PTSD Training: see what’s possible, then learn how to do it yourself.

Watching these videos will open your eyes to what is possible in brief, solutions-focused work with PTSD.

Learn these skills and you will become a more effective therapist.

Your Trainer: Steve Andreas

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