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Deep change
that goes
beyond words.

Discover a new “path to awakening” that’s gentle, precise, and resolves problems big and small.

  • Experience the timeless wisdom of spiritual traditions with a ground-breaking methodology
  • Reset your nervous system with the most effortless, kind, and natural system for personal change
  • Go beyond mindfulness into effortless Awareness to transform your everyday life
  • Resolve issues–stress, insomnia, shame, emptiness, etc.–even if they’ve seemed intractable



Wholeness Work

is a breakthrough in two areas: personal transformation and spirituality.


“This is a game changer. I was first introduced to the Wholeness Work by a coach who used the method with my wife and me to profound effect. It is the essential ingredient for all personal transformation—presented clearly in this gem of a book. I hope it opens worlds for you.”

—Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series and The Success Principles™

“Well done! Connirae Andreas has “transformed” several centuries and approaches to self-awareness and meditation into her Wholeness Work. Her approach is very gentle, easy, simple and fluid, respectful and inclusive. From my study of Milton Erickson, I believe she has added much to Erickson’s work and healing approach in “Coming to Wholeness.” She says it best: It means that everything that had been getting in our way actually supports the meditation process.”

—Dr. Chris Gunn, Licensed Psychologist, Flagstaff, AZ

“At last, a manual for getting over ourselves. Beyond the self lies a whole world of being fully, spontaneously alive. Thank you, Connirae. This work is brilliant.”

—Stewart Emery, author, founding CEO of EST, creator of Actualizations, coffee maven

“Connirae’s Coming to Wholeness suggests the elegant simplicity of a captivating melody—it takes hold of you and effortlessly carries you along. A lot of sophisticated musical understanding goes into writing a tune that captures the heart, and a lot of sophisticated psychological understanding has gone into developing and refining a process that expands the self and releases the heart. Connirae’s approach to wholeness dissolves unnecessary boundaries and invites transformative connections.”

—Douglas Flemons, Ph.D., LMFT, Professor of Family Therapy, Nova Southeastern University

How to Learn the Wholeness Work

Because of the many ways the Wholeness Work transforms and heals peoples lives, we are committed to making this work available to you – and everyone around the world who wants it. These programs offer ways to support you as you engage with the Wholeness Work, and to make it successful and effective in your life.

No matter what kind of personal transformation you want, the Wholeness Work can help. Whether you want are looking to reduce stress, transform your life’s issues, or enhance the positive aspects of your life, Wholeness Work provides an amazingly effective, gentle way to do so.

We have resources to help you learn the Wholeness Work all the way from beginner to advanced. Even beginners find they benefit from the first few Wholeness formats. And some people want to continue learning as much as they can, going through all 4 levels and beyond.

No matter how far you want to go with it, we’re here to support you on your journey towards more wholeness.


The Wholeness Foundation program, developed by its creator, Connirae Andreas and presented with her thoughtful, kind and humorous teaching style, is a delightful next step for anyone seeking a deeper, integrated sense of self.

So much learning in one program...and I personally feel less stressed, more peaceful and relationship difficulties that used to push my buttons are no longer an issue.


- Denise Budden-Potts, PhD

“Insomnia was a lifelong problem for me, dating back to early childhood. It’s been two years since I learned the Wholeness Work with Connirae. It works like nothing has ever worked, and I have tried it all. Furthermore… the process can be used to resolve other issues and to heal deep wounds.

I now fall asleep calmly and easily almost every night. I look and feel younger, am shedding excess pounds, and am experiencing more congruency on a daily basis."

- Cate

“Wonderful. Relevant to my work and my personal life….I feel calm, relaxed, like I have been on holiday!”

- Joanna Harper


Find a program or course

by Connirae Andreas

Coming to Wholeness: How to Awaken and Live with Ease

Available on Amazon! This book is a personal conversation with Connirae, guiding you on a fascinating inner inner journey of discovery and transformation. Check out the “look inside” and reader reviews. This is the first book in the Wholeness Work series.


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Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level IV

 Connirae will draw upon her experience with herself and clients to add the next level of potent material to help you go farther with the Wholeness Work. We’ll explore…

Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level III

Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level II

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