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Steve and Connirae Andreas are known for publishing the first “readable” books on NLP. In addition to developing many NLP processes themselves, they were among the very first people to teach NLP (culminating in a 27-day NLP Practitioner Training and 20-day Master Practitioner training) and they wrote some of the first NLP Practitioner (and Master Practitioner) Training manuals.

So we can steer you to the best NLP trainings available to fit your needs. 

Do I need an NLP Practitioner Training?

“My main goal is to improve communication skills.”

If your main goal is improving communication skills, then NLP practitioner training may be the best fit for you (see below to get our top recommendations). However, when it comes to good communication, there are two important factors:

  • our communication skills
  • our emotional state as we communicate.

We find that the 2nd of these makes the biggest difference. When we transform our own emotional triggers and reactivity, we naturally communicate so much more effectively. And if we don’t transform this, we can have all the communication tools in the world, and it likely won’t help us.

If this fits with your experience, and if transforming emotional reactivity is your number one goal (for your clients as well as yourself), we recommend starting somewhere else that we believe will get you much better results, with much less time and money invested. We recommend learning Core Transformation and its companion process, Aligning Perceptual Positions, which are taught in the Core Transformation Foundation training .

“My main goal is to Improve my own life (personal transformation).”

If this is your goal, then definitely we recommend starting with the Core Transformation Foundation course

From there, you can consider also learning the advanced formats taught in Advanced Core Transformation

These two trainings combined will cost far less than an NLP practitioner training, and will give you one of the most potent transformation tools available (and backed by research).

In addition, once you’re trained, we offer a practice group, to make it super easy and cost-effective to continue getting more and more personal change for yourself.

“My main goal is to improve my results with therapy/coaching clients.”

If this is your goal, then we recommend taking both the Core Transformation Foundation course, and then continuing on to the Advanced Core Transformation training. These two trainings, combined, will cost far less than an NLP practitioner training, and will give you one of the most potent transformation tools available (and backed by research).

And if you truly want to develop a professional level of skill, we also offer a Core Transformation Coach Certification Training. Research data shows that our CT Coach Certification Training works. Our trainees gain the ability to help clients transform their experience within only 1-2 sessions, working with a mild to medium issue (this is particularly impressive because with mild to medium issues, there is less room to “move the needle,” so the fact that meaningful affect-size changes show up at all after just 1-2 sessions is quite profound). Therapists and coaches who are well-trained in CT find it effective with more serious issues as well (and the research shows even greater affect-size changes with these serious issues).

When clients already begin noticing good results happening within the first few sessions, this is great for client motivation. They’re much more likely to return for more sessions, so you’ll have the opportunity to make a significant difference in their lives over time.

What is Core Transformation?

Core Transformation is an outgrowth of NLP, developed by Connirae Andreas as a way of getting results with people for whom the standard NLP techniques weren’t working. Connirae herself was one of these people–she saw many people getting great results with NLP, and she had experienced results as well in some areas. However in some areas that were most important to her, the standard NLP tools weren’t enough to get the change she wanted. Core Transformation made it possible–for her and many others.

Core Transformation synthesizes the most potent NLP principles and patterns into one extremely user-friendly model, PLUS, it takes the healing to a deeper level of change.

I Already Know Core Transformation, What’s Next?

If you already know Core Transformation and want additional processes to complement it, our next recommendation is Wholeness Work. Wholeness Work transforms our experience at an even deeper level (but for most people, Core Transformation is a better place to start).

I Already Know Core Transformation and Wholeness Work, Where Do I Get Classical NLP Training?

If you already have Core Transformation and Wholeness, or you’re sure you want Classical NLP Training, sign up below to get our top recommendations for quality NLP Training programs.

We can recommend NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs that we know have:

  • Integrity
  • Excellent trainers
  • Teach through “hands on” practice

Sign up here to get our current NLP Practitioner Training recommendations.

2024 CT Coach Certification
Dates & Times

With a $400 Deposit, you can register for CT Coach Certification 2024 and secure your place in next year’s training at this year’s earlybird price. To register for 2024, email Rory at [email protected] and he’ll send you instructions.

Here are the 2024 dates:

We don’t know if we’ll increase prices next year not. Either way, this locks you into the lowest possible rate for the CT Coach Certification in 2024 (saves you a minimum of $550, and possibly more).

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