Wholeness Levels II-IV 
Live Online

Coaching Assistants

Advanced Wholeness: Levels II – IV

What does Live Online Mean?

Our live-online trainings are very close to in person trainings. You’ll be able to watch me demonstrate each method with a volunteer, then use breakout “rooms” to do each exercise in pairs. You’ll have access to on-the-spot coaching as you do the guided exercises with other participants in pairs.


Each Webinar will be recorded, so that you have the option of reviewing the training to learn more. (The paired exercises will be private and not recorded.) We encourage live attendance, but if you need to miss a session the recording will give you a way to catch up. When you register for the training, you’ll be asked to sign a release giving permission for this use, and also possible use in creating future learning materials. (In the event of use for future learning materials, we are sensitive to any requests to omit a small portion if doing so doesn’t compromise the flow of the training.)

Advanced Wholeness - Live Online

Wholeness Level II

January 2025 Program:

Session Dates: ( 10 am – 1 pm Denver time)

  • January 7 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • January 11 (Saturday) 3 hrs
  • January 14 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • January 18 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • January 21 (Tuesday) 2 hrs.
Bonus (optional) Practice Group: 
Thursdays, Jan 9, 16, 23.
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each practice group is 90 minutes.1

Tuition: $395

Here's What You'll Learn In Wholeness Level II

  • The Life Journey—a group guided process. (Many people have told me this helps them “put it all together.”)
  • Transforming Roles & Identities
  • Letting go of Attachments: Integrating Attractions & Aversions
  • Direction of Gaze
  • Finding the place of power to do the work: the “Where Standing” format
  • Integrating the “me” – Self as Object experience
  • Integrating the “Other” (including finding the match within)

Wholeness Level III

February, 2025 Program

Session Dates: (Sessions are 3 hours, 10 am – 1 pm Denver time)

  • February 4 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • February 8 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • February 11 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • February 15 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • February 18 (Tuesday) 2 hrs. Bonus Consultation Session with Connirae.

Bonus (optional) Practice Group:
Feb 6, 13, 20 (Thursdays)
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each practice group is 90 minutes

Tuition: $450

Here's What You'll Learn In Wholeness Level III

  • Polarities – A new approach using structure instead of content to find and integrate polarities.
  • Wholeness Dreamwork – how our Dreams can lead to deep level integration, using our unconscious knowledge.
  • Amplifying the “Where Standing” work for powerful change.
  • Finding “the game.” How to find things we hide from ourselves.
  • Integrating Meta-Program sorts
  • Health Applications

Wholeness Level IV

March, 2025 Program

This training includes 4 Webinars (3 hours each), plus one bonus Consultation Meeting:

  • March 4 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • March 8 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • March 11 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • March 15 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • March 18 (Tuesday) 2 hrs. Bonus Consultation Session with Connirae.

Bonus (optional) Practice Group:
March 6, 13, 20 (Thursdays)
Start time: 10:00 am Denver time. Each session is 90 minutes.

Tuition: $495

Here's What You'll Learn In Wholeness Level IV

Connirae will draw upon her experience with herself and clients to add the next level of potent material to help you go farther with the Wholeness Work. We’ll explore…

  • Wholeness Family Constellation Work
  • Time and the Wholeness Work
  • Integrating “the Teacher”
  • What’s Avoided format
  • Integrating what we criticize or admire

Coaching Assistants

In addition to Connirae, experienced coaches will be present to support you in getting the most out of each exercise.

Wholeness Consultation Group


My Personal Interest In Teaching This

From my experience so far, I believe Wholeness Work has the potential to guide each of us individually on a path that is transformative. And because it brings more wisdom, clarity, compassion and humor, it can bring needed healing and transformation to our world.

I would like to support those wanting this deep transformation, and those wanting to coach others, to have the skills and experience that will make this possible. That’s the purpose of this Advanced Wholeness Work Series.

I’ll be including as much as I can fit in of what I’ve learned over the past decade exploring this work in my own life.

Your Trainer Connirae Andreas

Andreas NLP provides high-quality NLP training, books, and live online courses, ensuring transformative methods are accessible worldwide.

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