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Want To Join A Supportive Community To Practice And Experience Core Transformation?

Are You Hesitating Joining?

Many people hesitate to join for the following reasons…

  • “I’ve never done a live event, and it feels intimidating going from just watching a video, to practicing live. What if I make mistakes? Or don’t know what I’m doing?”
      • If this is you, know that YOU are who this group was designed for. Without practicing, you won’t get the great benefits of this process, so as long as you’ve watched the videos, that’s all we expect. You have full license to make as many “mistakes” as you want!
  • “I just don’t know if I feel comfortable working with my real issues in a live group.”
      • If this is you, know two things. First, you can choose what you work with, it’s perfectly fine to just work with “mild” things to start, or whatever YOU feel comfortable with. Often transforming our “mild” issues has the most benefit, because these are often things that affect us many times per day. Second, know that you don’t have to share the issue that you’re working with. You can say, “I’d like to work with my feeling X” and I’d rather not share what that is. Your guide can easily guide you without knowing what feeling, behavior, or thought you’re wanting to transform.
  • “I don’t want to “mess up” someone else’s experience. I don’t feel comfortable guiding someone else through their real issues.”
      • If this is you, remember that everyone signing up for this practice group knows that this is a space for people to learn. Participants will be chosing issues to work with that they feel comfortable with given the context. It’s OK and expected for things to go off track, and for “mistakes” to be make, and this is the quickest way to learn. Also remember you can always call in Mark or another Assistant for help when needed.
  • “English is a second language for me, I can understand a lot, but I’m not sure I can speak fluently for a live group.”
      • If this is you, you are very welcome to join and just find out if it works for you. As you know, there are verbatim scripts in the manual to read from for each exercise, and you don’t need to deviate from this. You may actually do better at guiding than a native English speaker, because you’ll keep to the script which works best for most situations. And of course if you get stuck with the standard script, that’s when we expect you to call in Mark or an Assistant for help.

With This Membership You Will:

Get Regular Practice with Core Transformation and Aligning Perceptual Positions:
A skilled guide can achieve near 100% success at guiding a client through Core Transformation or Aligning Perceptual positions. Here you can get the regular practice necessary to master these skills.


How The Online Practice Group Will Work

The practice group will take place online through Zoom, where you’ll be able to see and hear everyone in the group, and get paired up to practice the exercises.

The group will be led by one of our most experienced Core Transformation Certified Coaches, as well as one or more assistants.

Online Practice Group Schedule

When: We meet on the first 4 Saturdays of each month. If there is a 5th Saturday on a month, we skip that Saturday.
NOTE: Sometime around May, the practice group will switch to meeting on a different day, likely Wednesday, at the same time).

Meeting time: 10:00am – 12pm Denver Time, first 4 Saturdays of Each Month

Where: Online using Zoom. Once you register, you can access the zoom link through your membership.

What: On “Core Transformation Foundation” months, we will practice all the Core Transformation exercises from the Core Transformation Foundation training. On “APP, PTR & More” months, we will practice Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Re-imprinting, and other useful exercises.

Schedule: (currently meeting the first 4 Saturdays of each month, but switching to a different day in May)

  • January: Core Transformation
  • February: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More
  • March: Core Transformation
  • April: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More
  • May: Core Transformation
  • June: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More
  • July: Core Transformation
  • August: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More
  • September: Core Transformation
  • October: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More
  • November: Core Transformation
  • December: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, & More

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