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Change Can Be Awesome. Reliably.

Transform stress, limiting beliefs, and bad habits from the heart. Peer-reviewed method that’s effortless, enjoyable, thorough, and effective.

Instead of an inner battle, include all aspects to find inner peace
Tap into an inner source of wellbeing, joy, oneness
Instead of rehashing your problems, transform your experience
Learn one method that works with almost everything

For Therapists, Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, And Anyone Who Wants Change For Themselves.

Transform Your Limitations

Core Transformation is an easy, step-by-step personal transformation method that makes change effortless and enjoyable. It works at a deep level, that could be called “transformational change.”

Benefits of transformational change include:

  • Easily changing behaviors–everything from nail biting to yelling at the kids
  • Transforming feelings, such as anger, fear, shame, sadness, disappointment, and more
  • Effortlessly changing judgment, negativity, and other unwanted thought patterns
  • Having a new “way of being” that’s naturally resourceful

Research Shows Core Transformation Gets Results!

According to randomized, controlled trials published in a peer-reviewed journal, even a single session of Core Transformation typically results in significant improvements: symptoms are reduced, and wellbeing is increased. And these results were measured 4 and 8 weeks after the session!

(Of course, individual experiences vary; we recommend using Core Transformation several times for best results.)



How To Learn Core Transformation

Note for Therapists, Life Coaches, and Executive Coaches:
The cost of Core Transformation training will come back to you, many times over. Getting results with clients quickly makes them want to come back. It’s rewarding for both you and your client, in more ways than one! (People who aren’t therapists or coaches, who want change for themselves, are also welcome.)

We have resources to help you learn Core Transformation all the way from beginner to advanced. Even beginners find they benefit from this powerful method. And some people want to continue learning as much as they can, or even become certified coaches or licensed trainers.

No matter how far you want to go with it, we’re here to support you on your journey of personal transformation.

Getting Started - Discover The Benefits Of Core Transformation

The Full Core Transformation Training Pathway

1. The Foundation Training

Experience the benefits yourself. You can learn in two ways…

Plus we have an ongoing weekly practice group so you can continue getting the benefits with our staff support.

2. Advanced Core Transformation

Now you’ve experienced the power of CT. Do you want to go farther? We’re here to help.

3. Core Transformation Coach Certification

Do you want to make this your life’s work? Perhaps you’re already a therapist or coach, or perhaps this is a new career direction. We have an amazing program to bring your skills to a professional level. Core Transformation is research – supported, and our certified coaches get consistent results.

After learning Core Transformation, some people are also interested in becoming a CT trainer. Information about our trainer pathway can be found here.

Trainer Pathway Also Available ​

Finding A Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

The process itself is an inner exploration that feels deeply compassionate and kind. There are specific steps to follow, so there’s typically a sense of ease in doing the process.

Through the process, we access what we call a “Core State.” This is an experience that’s sometimes called “inner peace,” “deep state of love,” “oneness,” “presence,” or “being-ness.” Often the experience is beyond words and often people describe it as “profound”.

We find that about 90% of the time, people can successfully use CT with a mild issue, following a “universal script.” If someone is dealing with a difficult or complex issue, there’s more likely to be a need for going “off-script.” Our trainings help individuals as well as coaches and therapists develop skills that can lead to an ability to use CT effectively with just about anything.

An NLP Practitioner training teaches a range of “Classical NLP” methods and models. This training can be very useful for learning effective communication skills, and effective change techniques.

CT is what we’d call “premium NLP.” It takes personal transformation to a new level. So CT training is focused on the personal change method we recommend most highly, especially for someone who is starting out on their journey of transformation. (For someone who has already been on a path of transformation or spirituality, it can be appropriate to start with either Core Transformation or the Wholeness Work.)

Core Transformation helps us experience states that many people call “spiritual”--inner peace, love, oneness, being-ness, joy--and states that are beyond any word.

Many spiritual traditions recognize that true, lasting happiness doesn’t come from “doing things” or “getting things.”  Core Transformation is a wonderful way to implement this wisdom, and reach a true happiness that’s independent of “doing” or “getting.”

However, with Core Transformation, it isn’t important to have any spiritual beliefs or goals. CT isn’t about concepts--it’s about experience.

Here are the main ways the CT is different from most other approaches to spirituality. With CT...

  • There’s no change or interference with your religious beliefs (or lack thereof)
  • Answers come from within, and nothing is imposed from outside
  • There’s a reliable, precise, step-by-step method for reaching states that can be called “spiritual”
  • The profound resources that we reach through CT are integrated with our daily lives, in multiple ways. This makes CT more transformative than most spiritual approaches. We can transform our behaviors, thoughts, and/or feelings, with surprising ease.

According to research findings, most people notice significant results with CT within a session or two, starting with a mild to medium issue.

Someone who is working with a more major issue is likely to begin noticing results within a few sessions. However, the more components there are to the issue, the longer it can take to get the full results that are desired. Even when it takes an extended time to reach the desired result, our experience is that CT is generally more efficient in producing change for complex issues, compared to other methods.

From our experience, as well as feedback from other professionals, we believe this is the most efficient way to get results with even the toughest issues:

  • Use CT as a primary modality
  • Incorporate “companion methods” such as the Wholeness Work as appropriate (for some clients, the Wholeness Work becomes the primary modality)
  • In certain cases, also incorporate certain other methods from time to time (more specific detail about choosing a method is taught in our Coach Certification training.)

According to research, changes can typically be measured four and eight weeks after Core Transformation.

In the event that a “problem” comes back, this is feedback about another aspect of the issue that needs to be included in the work. Including additional aspects of the issue leads to an even more profound sense of wellbeing.

In certain ways, yes, CT does help us understand our problems.

However, the primary purpose of CT is to change the experience of the problem. Many people believe that if only they understand their problems better, the problems will change. We find that usually, this isn’t what actually happens. Conscious understanding of our problems can be satisfying in itself, but usually the problem is still there. That’s because our problems are usually not a matter of conscious choice. 

As an example, let’s say someone gets angry in a certain situation, and they consciously want to change it. This means that their conscious mind is already wanting something else to happen instead of anger. Yet the anger still happens, automatically. So we can conclude that the anger isn’t generated by the conscious mind, it’s generated unconsciously. Conscious understanding of the problem is unlikely to change the unconscious motivation for the anger. In order to change the anger, we need to engage the unconscious mind in a process that leads to change. That’s what we do with CT.

Harness Inner Change

See how our trainings can guide you towards profound personal evolution. 

Andreas NLP provides high-quality NLP training, books, and live online courses, ensuring transformative methods are accessible worldwide.

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