Go Beyond The Basics: Learn Essential Skills For Success With Advanced Core Transformation

Take Core Transformation to the next level, deepening your personal benefits while learning to help others

  • Learn how to use CT for trauma, health issues, and the most common challenges that arise
  • Get results with your difficult clients, while improving results with all your clients
  • Participate in 6 webinars & 5 practice sessions, to gain competence through experience
  • Benefit from ongoing learning with a comprehensive reference manual you’ll return to again and again
About The Course

Are You Ready To Take Core Transformation To The Next Level?

Learning Outcomes

What You'll Learn

In this advanced training, we will go deeper with Core Transformation by learning significant custom Core Transformation formats, as well as valuable frames and approaches for a variety of challenging topic areas. Working together as a group we can learn from and be inspired by each other, as well as gain from Tamara and Mark’s experience.

You will learn essential skills for success in guiding a range of clients, including those who have certain common challenges with the process such as:

  • Working with a client who has many parts coming up at once
  • Working with a client who is overly analytical and out of touch with their unconscious
  • Working with a client who has difficulty noticing responses
  • Working with a client whose parts don’t want to communicate
  • Tips that can make it much easier to work with extremely “negative” parts
  • Tips for working with trauma/abuse
  • How to work with health issues

You will experience the power of Core Transformation yourself, even more deeply by:

  • Learning the “essential skills” by doing exercises with each other
  • Experiencing the results of using CT each day as a discipline (many describe exponential benefits)
  • Honing in on the most productive place to begin, no matter what you or your client’s problem is
  • Practicing new variations on the standard process, such as two ways of working with multiple parts at once
  • Benefitting by learning from the challenges we encounter – in our own practice and/or with clients

How You'll Learn It

In addition to the main webinars each week (3-days worth of material), you will have 5 two-hour small group practice sessions led by experienced coaches, so you can really embody and put into practice what you learn each week. We’ve realized that the number one way to become a skilled practitioner of Core Transformation is through practice, combined with this kind of peer support–where we can learn not only from our own experience, but also that of others.

How The Online Training Will Work

The training will happen online through Zoom.

Recordings You Can Review

Each webinar will be recorded, and you’ll have the opportunity to view the recording as many times as you like in between webinars. The recordings will remain available (to training participants only), until 2 weeks after the last training session.

For Those Going On To The CT Coach Certification Training

If you want to be certified as a Core Transformation coach, you’ll need to attend each webinar and small-group practice session of this Advanced Core Transformation Training, as well as log your daily self-practice sessions. This will satisfy the pre-requisite for the Coaches Certification Training in the fall.

However, while we strongly encourage live webinar/practice session attendance, we realize that there may be unavoidable conflicts. If absolutely necessary, you can miss up to two meetings total (of webinars and small-group practices combined) and still participate in the certification course, as long as you let us know your conflict date(s) when you register. In this event, for the webinar(s) you won’t be able to attend live, you can watch the webinar recording, do the exercise, and turn in a written summary of your exercise experience and learnings. For missed practice session(s), you’ll be responsible for finding someone to practice with, recording that practice session and submitting it to us, and submitting a written account of what you learned/experienced in the exercise.


Online Training Dates & Times, Spring 2024

Tuition: $795


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Extra Support

You Are Eligible For This Training If...

Technical Requirements

To participate you’ll need access to the internet, and have a computer or laptop with a webcam. If this is your first time using Zoom, we recommend you test out Zoom with a friend ahead of time. Contact us if you have any questions about being able to log into the meeting successfully.

The Full Core Transformation Training Pathway

Your Trainers

Tamara Andreas

Mark Andreas

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