Go Beyond the Basics: Learn Essential Skills for Success with Advanced Core Transformation

Take Core Transformation to the next level, deepening your personal benefits while learning to help others

  • Learn how to use CT for trauma, health issues, and the most common challenges that arise
  • Get results with your difficult clients, while improving results with all your clients
  • Participate in 6 webinars & 5 practice sessions, to gain competence through experience
  • Benefit from ongoing learning with a comprehensive reference manual you’ll return to again and again

About the course

Are you ready to take Core Transformation to the next level?

If you’ve already experienced the power of Core Transformation through CT Foundation, you know the significance of this method. Advanced Core Transformation Online is designed to help you take this valuable coaching method to the next level.

Learn the Essential Skills of Success with Core Transformation!
A skilled guide can achieve near 100% success at guiding a client through Core Transformation, and helping them access deep inner resources of well-being. Of course, some clients are easy to guide. But what about those who have some difficulty with the process? They may be the clients who need Core Transformation the most.

Discover the Flexibility of Core Transformation!
In this digital transformation course, participants learn to use the standard Core Transformation script—which is very important. However, Core Transformation is actually an amazingly flexible process. With Core Transformation, we can meet a client where they are, almost all the time.

Experience the Full Power of Core Transformation!
Those who have attended the CT Foundation seminar already know CT is incredibly powerful. But there’s much more to it. Participants in the Advanced Course will be supported in using CT as an ongoing practice. The feedback we receive is that this is what it takes to truly understand the power of Core Transformation.

Reap the Benefits of Over Two Decades of Core Transformation Development!
As our Core Transformation trainer team has been using this powerful method with hundreds–even thousands–of seminar participants and clients, we’ve learned a lot more about how to be effective. You can now benefit from our very best material in our advanced courses (the Advanced Training, plus the Coaches’ Training).

Discover Many Ways Core Transformation Supports Health and Healing
Many people are already using Core Transformation with health issues, and getting great results. We’ll be teaching how to use CT for maximum health benefit.

Learning outcomes

What You'll Learn

In this advanced training, we will go deeper with Core Transformation by learning significant custom Core Transformation formats, as well as valuable frames and approaches for a variety of challenging topic areas. Working together as a group we can learn from and be inspired by each other, as well as gain from Tamara and Mark’s experience.

You will learn essential skills for success in guiding a range of clients, including those who have certain common challenges with the process such as:

  • Working with a client who has many parts coming up at once
  • Working with a client who is overly analytical and out of touch with their unconscious
  • Working with a client who has difficulty noticing responses
  • Working with a client whose parts don’t want to communicate
  • Tips that can make it much easier to work with extremely “negative” parts
  • Tips for working with trauma/abuse
  • How to work with health issues
You will experience the power of Core Transformation yourself, even more deeply by:
  • Learning the “essential skills” by doing exercises with each other
  • Experiencing the results of using CT each day as a discipline (many describe exponential benefits)
  • Honing in on the most productive place to begin, no matter what you or your client’s problem is
  • Practicing new variations on the standard process, such as two ways of working with multiple parts at once
  • Benefitting by learning from the challenges we encounter – in our own practice and/or with clients


How You'll Learn It

In addition to the main webinars each week (3-days worth of material), you will have 5 two-hour small group practice sessions led by experienced coaches, so you can really embody and put into practice what you learn each week. We’ve realized that the number one way to become a skilled practitioner of Core Transformation is through practice, combined with this kind of peer support–where we can learn not only from our own experience, but also that of others.

How the Online Training Will Work

The training will happen online through Zoom.

Recordings You Can Review

Each webinar will be recorded, and you’ll have the opportunity to view the recording as many times as you like in between webinars. The recordings will remain available (to training participants only), until 2 weeks after the last training session.

For those going on to the CT Coach Certification Training

If you want to be certified as a Core Transformation coach, you’ll need to attend each webinar and small-group practice session of this Advanced Core Transformation Training, as well as log your daily self-practice sessions. This will satisfy the pre-requisite for the Coaches Certification Training in the fall.

However, while we strongly encourage live webinar/practice session attendance, we realize that there may be unavoidable conflicts. If absolutely necessary, you can miss up to two meetings total (of webinars and small-group practices combined) and still participate in the certification course, as long as you let us know your conflict date(s) when you register. In this event, for the webinar(s) you won’t be able to attend live, you can watch the webinar recording, do the exercise, and turn in a written summary of your exercise experience and learnings. For missed practice session(s), you’ll be responsible for finding someone to practice with, recording that practice session and submitting it to us, and submitting a written account of what you learned/experienced in the exercise.


Online Training Dates & Times, Spring 2023

6 Webinars (3 hours each, followed by 30 min. optional Q & A time): Sessions will be held Saturdays from 10am-1pm Denver CO Time, followed by 30 min. of optional Q & A time. These sessions will be held:

  • April 29
  • May 6, 13, 20
  • We skip May 27
  • June 3, 10

5 Small-Group Practice Sessions (2 hours each): Led by an experienced coach on Wednesdays from either 10am-12noon OR 5pm-7pm Denver, CO Time. If we have enough requests to form a group at a different time, we will do our best to accommodate this. These Wed. sessions will be held:

  • May 3, 10, 17, 24
  • We skip May 31
  • June 7

Can’t participate on Saturdays? Click here to register for our Sunday Option.  Instead of taking the training on Saturdays, you’ll meet on the following day at the same time (Sundays from 10:00am to 1:30pm Denver time). An experienced CT Coach will play the training recordings from the previous day, and help you practice each exercise live (Tamara and Mark won’t be present on Sunday). You’ll have access to the recorded Q & A with Tamara and Mark, and you can also ask questions of your CT Coach, or of Tamara & Mark through the facebook group.  (The small group practice sessions on Wednesdays will be the same as listed above.)

Tuition: $795

Extra Support

We’re offering two optional bonus follow-up group coaching webinars (meeting online for 1 hour). These will be held 1 month and 2 months after the program:

July 8 (Sat.) 12noon-1pm Denver CO Time
Aug. 5 (Sat.) 12noon-1pm Denver CO Time

The intention of these coaching sessions is to support you in integrating your new learnings about Core Transformation, into your ongoing practice with yourself and others. This will also be a great way to maintain continuity for those of you going on to the CT Coach Certification training in the fall.

You are Eligible for this training if...

You’ve taken Core Transformation Foundation live with Tamara Andreas or Mark Andreas, or the Core Transformation Foundation streaming video training with Tamara Andreas, within the last 10 years.

  • If you attended the live training, and missed any exercises, be sure to make them up before the Advanced CT training begins (and watch any missed training content).
  • If you learned through the streaming video training, be sure to watch and listen to the entire course and do all the exercises.

If you took the training more than 10 years ago, or with a different trainer, we want you to refresh/update your skills by getting the streaming video training or attending a current live training with Tamara or Mark.

Technical Requirements

To participate you’ll need access to the internet, and have a computer or laptop with a webcam. If this is your first time using Zoom, we recommend you test out Zoom with a friend ahead of time. Contact us if you have any questions about being able to log into the meeting successfully.

Core Transformation Advanced FAQs

A colleague of ours (who is a licensed mental health professional), has been using Core Transformation for several decades with clients who’ve been given a wide range of diagnoses. She’s found CT effective across the board. So far, every time we’ve asked her “have you used CT with clients who have been given x diagnosis,” she’s said “yes.” She reports that in her time working for mental health centers, she often became the “person who could work with the challenging clients,” to help them get results or work toward positive change. CT is the main method she was using. 


With complex cases such as borderline, dissociative personality, etc., we believe Core Transformation is likely to be your best bet of any method we know of. In many cases, even with CT, resolving a serious issue won’t be quick and easy–it will still likely take persistence, working with the person over time. We anticipate that some clients will be easier and respond more quickly than one might expect, while others are likely to respond very slowly over time. However, compared to other approaches, we believe CT, in the hands of a skilled guide, will result in significantly more efficient progress. In some cases, CT results in some progress, where before there was no progress.


Recently, Connirae has been working with someone who experienced extreme abuse as a child, using primarily Core Transformation, and the client says it’s the first thing that is actually working for her. Connirae has found that whenever an obstacle or challenge emerges, she can shift from the usual script to one of the variations taught in the advanced CT training–to match the client’s experience in the moment. If the guide knows these moves, then CT becomes effective with a much wider group of people.


Some of what’s useful for complex cases you’ll already learn in the ACT (Advanced CT), and some is in the CTCC (Coach Cert). If you want to work with people who have serious issues, you’ll find what we teach in the ACT very useful. The section on working with trauma is in the ACT. We think anyone who plans to use CT professionally with a wide range of clients needs the skills we teach in the ACT. 


Then, the CTCC (Coach Cert) includes information about more specific types of difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and more. Professionals who work with clients with serious issues have given us very positive feedback about our content. 


Of course, both courses also include helpful tips and strategies that are useful for any client, even clients who are dealing with something much simpler. Some of the solutions that are necessary for success with a difficult client can also enhance the experience of an easy client.

Yes, we recommend the Advanced CT course if you want to get the most out of Core Transformation for yourself. Everything you learn is likely to help your own self practice. Here are some of the personal benefits:

  • You’ll probably appreciate the block on “ how to get started” with CT. We’ll help you learn how to zero in on the best place to start when you want to make a change. Most people know they want change, but sometimes it isn’t clear what feeling, behavior, or thought to work with, to transform the part that will make the most difference. The ACT (Advanced CT) will give you some excellent solutions.
  • The Advanced CT variations can support your personal path of transformation. Participants in the ACT report very profound changes that are beyond what they’d have gotten just from  the Foundation course. Many find that these advanced variations give  them a “short-cut” to changes that would have taken longer without these variations. Some of the advanced variations give you an easy way to deal with an inner resistance or obstacle that might otherwise seem insurmountable. 

    Even though the “universal format” you learned in the CT Foundation training is what we recommend you continue using most of the time, there are times when one of the advanced variations is exactly what you need so that your CT self practice can feel smooth, effortless, efficient, and productive. 

  • You’ll learn several ways to work with groups of parts at the same time. Knowing how to do this can help you make progress more quickly.

    • If you want to optimize your health with CT, the session on that topic is very beneficial for those whose main goal is personal transformation. You’ll learn tips on where to start, and aspects of health to be sure to include in your process.

    • This advanced CT course  includes five practice sessions, where you’ll be paired up with a practice partner. Even if you’re really good at guiding yourself through the process, it can be really nice to be guided sometimes. Also, most people find that getting experience guiding others and being guided enriches their self-practice, adding to their skills with guiding themselves through the process. 

    • And more. If you still have questions about how this applies to you, feel free to email us. 

Since you’re excited about learning the Advanced material, we have a suggestion that can allow you to start learning now, and learn the material even better in the long run.


First, consider being part of this year’s training, and getting the most you possibly can this year. Here’s how this works:


  • Do it in the way that works for you. Of course, you’ll benefit from attending all the sessions that you’re able to attend. In addition, you can watch the recordings of webinars you missed, and read the manual, to begin learning the material. You’ll have a FaceBook group that you can use to find others who would like to practice the exercises from the teaching sessions, at a time that’s convenient for you. (The session recordings will stay up, at least through the summer.)


  • Get practice when you’re able. If you need to miss any small group meetings, just let us know which ones. That will be OK. You can likely find other people from the training who want more opportunities to pair up, and can practice at a time that works for you. We make it as easy as possible for you to connect with others for extra practice! And we’ll leave the Facebook group up at least through the summer.


  • (If desired) Deepen your learnings by repeating the Advanced CT course next year or any time at half price. The Advanced CT course is simply packed with valuable material! For nearly everyone, it takes repetition to really master all the material we teach in the Advanced CT course. So repeating the Advanced CT is a good idea, even for those who are able to attend every session the first year. Repeating makes it much easier to practice everything twice, to really make the material “your own.” And getting it all for half price the second year is quite a bargain. 


  • (If desired) Take the cert next year, after repeating the ACT. If you eventually want to do the CT coach cert training, this is a strong reason to enroll in Advanced CT this year, as you’ll have a full year to practice the Advanced material before taking the CT coach cert. Next year, you can  take Advanced CT again at 1/2 price as an alum, and learn a lot more from it, having practiced it all for a year. Then you can join the Coach Certification later that year. This would really set you up well for the coach cert next year.


Of course, we’ll support you doing what works for you. However, if you’re excited about maximizing your CT skills now, it makes sense to let that enthusiasm fuel your learning this year! You’ll end up where you want to be a lot faster that way, and you’ll benefit from the ACT material for a whole extra year. Next year, you’ll be way ahead of where you’d be if you’d waited.

Advanced Core Testimonial Reviews

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The Full Core Transformation Training Pathway

Your Trainers

Mark Andreas

Mark has taught Core Transformation in five states and six countries, having traveled as far as India, Romania, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Canada to teach Core Transformation. Mark has a Personal Change Coaching private practice in Boulder CO, helping people achieve life-goals and resolving limitations using NLP, Core Transformation, Metaphors of Movement, Wholeness Work, and other methods for personal transformation and development. Though Mark uses many personal change methods, Core Transformation is the single method he has used the most over the last decade, both with himself, and with clients—because of it’s profound effectiveness and ease of application to a wide range of life issues. Mark works with individuals both in person and over Zoom or Phone. Visit www.markandreas.com for more details.

Mark’s most recent book, Waltzing with Wolverines: Finding Connection and Cooperation with Troubled Teens, offers a fresh and effective approach to working with teens and “kids of all ages,” based on his experience working for a Wilderness Therapy company in CO. In Mark’s unique style, this book teaches through stories and examples, making it a fun read.

Mark is also author of the book “Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree: 61 Stories Of Creative And Compassionate Ways Out Of Conflict,” endorsed by Dan Millman and William Ury.

Tamara Andreas

Tamara Andreas is an international transformational seminar leader and co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within, and the Core Transformation Training Manual. She has been bringing the Core Transformation work to people around the world for over two decades, and has been the lead trainer for this process and for the Wholeness Work trainings in Asia.  She has used Core Transformation in depth in her own life, which enriches what she offers in both trainings and private coaching sessions. Since 2007, Tamara has been offering in-depth Core Transformation Trainings in Japan, where she now teaches a customized training series and mentors a growing group of members of the Japan Core Transformation Trainer’s Association. People trust Tamara’s adept skill in creating safety and clarity through which to explore their own transformations. Her heartfelt and gentle style, along with her mastery of the material, make her a well-loved and effective Trainer. Tamara makes presentations tailored for business groups, health professionals and educators. She lives and works with her husband and son in Colorado.

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