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Do you want practical skills, strategies, and resources to help resolve inner conflicts, build emotional intelligence, and live a more fulfilling life?

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Learn effective, proven, step-by-step techniques for change
Dissolve mental stress and heal emotional pain to experience peaceful effortlessness and resilience
Experience compassionate, powerful deep-level transformation methods
Go beyond most “change” methods and access your true inner nature
What Sets Us Apart

Birthplace of the most effective and compassionate personal transformation methods on the planet

That might sound like a big claim! And it is. We hope you take the time to check it out for yourself. If you’d like reliable deep transformation that’s compassionate and gentle, watch our free videos and experience the beginning steps. Find out why practitioners who have mastered some of the most effective methods known, tell us “your methods are revolutionary.” They’ve found that these methods can help them make changes that had been out of their grasp. 

Find out if you agree.

Learn From the Source

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Are you looking for a very deep method of transformation that could even be called spiritual?

You’ve come to the right place.

Our primary methodologies, Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work, transform our experience at the deepest level.

“Spiritual NLP” has become something of a buzzword. Yet typically, methods intended for spiritual transformation are built on the same models / assumptions that apply to the behavioral level.

Through her own journey of healing and awakening, Connirae Andreas has discovered a new model of Spiritual NLP that makes a deeper level of transformation possible.

For learning purposes, you can start with either method. We offer NLP training online in both methods, so you can learn conveniently from home.

Core Transformation

Interested in transforming stress, limiting beliefs, and bad habits?

The Wholeness Work

Interested in finding a new “path to awakening” that also resolves your life’s problems?

Wholeness Work & Core Transformation…

Two amazing methods - where should I start?

People love both Core Transformation and Wholeness Work. Each method gets strong - even profound - results for many people. Having access to both methods is like having both a right and left hand. They work well together, and with both, you are likely to have what you need for your personal development and growth. 

If you work with clients, learning both these methods, will enable you to offer valuable support for almost any client, and with almost any issue.

So where should I start?

Core Transformation is a better starting place for a wider range of clients and a wider range of issues.

For example, Core Transformation is a better methodology to use with healing the effects of trauma, in the beginning of the healing process. CT typically guides a person into positive states within the first several steps. (Also, certain advanced CT formats add even more support for healing intense emotions.) After experiencing significant changes through CT, for many people, the Wholeness Work is then able to take them even farther in their healing journey.

The Wholeness Work works at a slightly deeper level, accesses inner structures that CT doesn’t normally include, and offers a more thorough transformation of certain issues. Where Core Transformation elicits more conscious “content,” The Wholeness Work is remarkably “content free,” working at pre-verbal levels where the deepest change is possible.

Is Training or One-on-One Coaching a Better Way for Me to Start?

You will not need to give us your email address to get the results of this quiz

Our Unique Learning Environment:

  • Supercharge your progress with a Live Online format emphasizing experiential practice in learning intervals to optimize integration of the methods
  • You won’t just be watching videos, you’ll be participating in a live training as it unfolds
  • Experience it for yourself! Guide and be guided through each inner process as you’re learning.
  • Use precise, step-by-step manuals so you can easily replicate the skills of the masters

(See more details on our trainings pages.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what we would consider, if we were choosing an online NLP training: 

  • Does the trainer offer training that is specific and precise? The hallmark of NLP is that it’s capable of providing specific and precise methods of personal transformation and communication. NLP can do this because it goes beyond content to access and change the structure of experience. This is what makes it powerful and effective.  A good quality NLP training will live up to this potential. Make sure you find a trainer who goes beyond content and teaches how to transform the structure of experience. (or “Make sure you find a trainer who lives up to this potential.”
  • Do they offer a free video training, so that you can sample their teaching style? If so, you can notice whether they are clear in their communication. (And if not, you may wonder why not.)
  • Do they have experiential exercises?
    • A good quality training will include exercises that you can do, so you can get benefits and also practice using the method. 
    • Some trainings use only role-play exercises. While it can be useful to incorporate some role-plays, it wouldn’t be useful if all of the exercises are role-plays. This would make us wonder whether their methodology actually works with real people and real issues.
  • Do they have a methodology that works at every level?
    • NLP has many methods that are effective for changing the surface level of experience: feelings, behaviors, and patterns of thinking. These are worthwhile to learn. However, there are very few methodologies that work to transform all the levels, including the surface level, belief structures, and a fundamental sense of being. We could call these methods the “premium NLP.” 
  • Do they have integrity?
    • Are they teaching in a frame of win-win? Or do they promote winning at someone else’s expense?
    • Do they treat others with respect? Or are they sometimes belittling or pushy towards others?
    • Are they honest and straight-forward in their interactions with others? 
    • When they use material that was developed by someone else, do they give credit to the source?
  • Do they use their methods in their own life?
    • Do they value their own methods enough to use them to grow and change themselves? If the trainer uses the methods they teach for their own personal development this is a good sign.
    • Some trainers just teach methods as “something to apply to others.” We prefer to learn from trainers who are on their own path of self-development. 
  • Do they teach in an equal-status way (instead of taking a one-up or manipulative position)
    • Do they “talk down” to others, or present themselves as being superior to others? Or do they come across as “human,” with their own foibles that they are working to address?
    • When they are guiding someone through a change process, do they have the attitude that the client “has to” go through the process? Or do they empower the client to make their own choices?
    • Our experience is that an equal-status relationship is not only more pleasant, it’s also necessary for facilitating the deepest level of change and learning.

We offer NLP training right in your own living room! Our “live-online” format allows a very cost-effective way of attending a training with a wonderful group of people from all over the world, coming together for transformation and learning. There are no travel expenses, and no travel days.

In the past, we’ve offered NLP training in the Denver area, in-person. And we may again, as travel becomes safer.

Classical NLP can:

  • Transform unwanted feelings, such as anger, hurt, fear, shame, sadness, hopelessness, and much more
  • Change unwanted or ineffective behaviors and habits–everything from yelling at loved ones to nail-biting to over-eating, and much more
  • Change thought patterns, including criticism, self-doubt, and other unwanted thoughts
  • Change limiting beliefs, such as a belief that things will never get better
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve communication in every context, including:
    • Personal relationships
    • Sales
    • Other business contexts
    • Education

Andreas NLP methods can:

  • Transform all of the areas listed above
  • Also create an ongoing sense of wellbeing, inner peace, and wholeness
  • Work in a way that feels deeply compassionate and kind

Yes. We offer free introductory videos for Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work.

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