The Wholeness Work Level I Training
- Live Online! -

Learn a personal change method that will take you on a healing journey to the depths of your being. Your limitations will become the doorway to powerful transformation.


What Is The Wholeness Work?

It’s a precise and specific model for actually doing what many spiritual teachings talk about.

If you have explored Eastern spirituality, you have probably heard phrases like “The small self is an illusion. Realize that you are a vast Self,” or “Enlightenment comes through loss of the ego.” But what do such statements actually mean? In this training you’ll learn a step-by-step process for dissolving the everyday sense of the ego. The experience ranges from extremely ordinary to something that can be quite profound.

And what does this have to do with resolving our life problems?

Sometimes spiritual practices are taught and done in a way that actually creates a degree of separation between meditative or profound states, and daily life. People might enjoy deep meditative states, but find that their life issues don’t necessarily go away…

With the Wholeness Work, there is a natural and immediate integration with daily living. Our life issues can actually be doorways to the experience of this “vast self” – or just a sense of affectionate presence and clarity. And the life issues are transformed in the process.

Some people have found that issues that hadn’t changed with years of effort, are finally changing using the Wholeness Work. And the results are more significant and ongoing than just solving problems.

If you choose to use this simple method as a life practice (and this can happen in only a few minutes a day, once you’ve learned the method), you will most likely experience a fundamental shift in how you are in the world. Some describe it as having a growing sense of wellbeing, or peace, or joy. And it’s the kind that enables us to ‘be’ and to increasingly interact with others from a place of wisdom, compassion, and humor. Rather than becoming some idea of “perfection”, the wellbeing comes through a very specific and increasingly effortless way of including and integrating everything that does – or could – arise in our experience.

What Specific Benefits Do People Get From The Wholeness Work?

The Wholeness Work offers a long list of benefits, which can be especially helpful in the times we’re in. These include…

  • An easy and gentle way to transform stress
  • Dissolve relationship reactivity so you can get along better with those around you
  • Sleep better with the sleep process
  • Access creativity and humor

As a daily practice, it’s an ideal way to take time out to connect with our deeper selves when feeling overloaded.

What Does Live Online Mean?

Our live-online trainings are very close to in person trainings. You’ll be able to watch me demonstrate each method with a volunteer, then use breakout “rooms” to do each exercise in pairs. You’ll have access to on-the-spot coaching as you do the guided exercises with other participants in pairs.

Each Webinar you’ll get to actually experience a new Wholeness Work method. You’ll see a live demonstration and then do the process with a partner using Zoom’s breakout rooms. Click the links below to discover what you’ll learn each Webinar.

Webinar 1: What is Wholeness Work? A Guided Group Expierence

You’ll begin learning the elements of the Wholeness Work, including “How to find and ‘i'” and “What is Awareness?” and “How and why do these things matter?” We’ll lay the groundwork for a precise and reliable way to “dissolve the everyday sense of the ego.” You’ll have the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

Webinar 2: Transforming Life Issues

  • More about how to literally “dissolve the ego” in an easy and precise way.
  • Experience using this to transform daily stresses and life issues.
  • How to find layers of “ego”
  • Discover a deeper kind of integration that leads to true “wholeness.”

Webinar 2 will include a demonstration, and a paired exercise. You’ll learn what makes this method a simple, yet sometimes profound, way to reliably experience what spiritual teachers talk about.

Webinar 3: Using in Daily Life and Improving Sleep

  • Experience the Wholeness Work “Life Practice” format.
  • Better Sleep: Learn how Wholeness Work can help you sleep more restfully and/or restoratively. (It can often make a dramatic difference with sleep issues, including difficulty falling asleep, waking in the night, or waking up early.)
  • The 3 “directions of integration” and when to use each.

In Webinar 3 you’ll learn how the Wholeness Work can gently and kindly meet and transform your experience in the moment.

Webinar 4: Integrating Authority

  • The “Reclaiming Inner Authority” process.
  • Can be profoundly transformative with embarrassment, shame, guilt, and more, as well as useful with some health issues.
  • This method gently guides us to having our own authority. To acting for and from the “whole” rather than from rules.

Using this method as a practice shifts how we are in the world. We experience ourselves to be simply “OK” and at peace, with nothing and nobody to prove anything to. We have a sense of substantialness and groundedness.

Webinar 5: Integrating What's Missing

  • This format deeply heals grief and loss,
  • It’s often what’s needed to heal a sense of emptiness, or neediness.
  • It can be useful with a sense of “not being enough.”

In Webinar 4 we’ll begin to learn about how the different Wholeness Work formats fit with each other. We’ll have time for Questions and Answers, so you can gain additional tips to apply in your own practice and/or in your work for others.

The first three Webinars teach methods of Dissolving the ego.

Webinars 4 & 5 teach the next phase of Wholeness Work.

The Wholeness Principles

Each training day of the training, you’ll be learning more of the underlying Wholeness Principles that make this work so impactful. When you learn these principles through direct experience in the training, they tend to “stick.” This makes it possible for you to follow the flow of your own and someone else’s unique experience in the moment.

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 primary principles of Wholeness Work
  • How integration through Wholeness Work is different than the usual “integration”.
  • The 3 “directions of integration”, and when to use each.
  • Recognizing and working with reactions – You’ll learn when and why this is important.
  • What to do when it “doesn’t work”.
  • How to recognize and follow what is happening in the moment in a way that resolves inner struggle.
  • The sometimes subtle and sometimes significant ways Wholeness Work differs from usual NLP work – and how understanding this is necessary to maximize benefit from Wholeness Work.
  • And much more..

Benefits From Wholeness Work

The Wholeness Work is helping people in more areas than we ever thought it would. It does this by accessing a more fundamental aspect of the structure of our psyche than we could previously reach. It’s simple, gentle, and opens the doorway to a more joyful, loving, creative, and fulfilling life.

Here are a few more areas where the Wholeness Work helps:

Emotional reactivity

“I haven’t been losing my temper.” “The jealousy I felt isn’t there.” “Before I was so easily hurt, and now I can usually deal with other people’s rough edges from a more loving place. This becomes stronger as I use this method more. It feels like something got healed.”

Unwanted habits

“It shifted the compulsive eating I was doing.”


“I was relieved to have something that finally made a difference.”

And even health issues

“The chronic fatigue mostly cleared up…” “pre-migraine aura was instantly gone.” “…used it for my allergies and it worked.” “I have more energy.”

Note that some of the above changes were from a one-time use of the process. However experiences like chronic health issues or depression usually get the best results when using this process over time. Often people do experience quite soon that something is finally beginning to work for them. The full results usually come through learning to use the process as a simple and kind life practice. After learning the process, this can be done in a short amount of time, or even while we are going about our usual activities.

The Wholeness Foundation - Live Online

November, 2024 Training Dates & Times

  • Session 1: November 2 (Saturday) 1.5 – 2 hrs.
  • Session 2: November 5 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • Session 3: November 9 (Saturday) 3 hrs.
  • Session 4: November 12 (Tuesday) 3 hrs.
  • Session 5: November 16 (Saturday) 3 hrs.

Session Times:  10:00am – 1pm, Denver Colorado time
(5-8pm London; 6-9pm Vienna/Berlin; 9:30pm-12:30 Mumbai; Next Day 12-3am Manilla; Next Day 3-6am Sydney. Please CONFIRM TIMES IN YOUR LOCATION.)

Optional Bonus Practice Sessions: Thursdays, November 7, 14, 28, 2024. Start time: 10 am Denver time. Each session 90 mins.


Coaching Assistants

In addition to Connirae, experienced coaches will be present to assist you in the exercises. (Usually the assisting team is made up of capable trainers who return for their own increased learning, and the joy of being part of the group.)

Open to All

No prerequisite. Everyone is welcome! A background with Core Transformation can be helpful but isn’t necessary.


Each session with Connirae will be recorded so that you have the option of reviewing the training to learn more. (The paired exercises will be private and not recorded.) If you need to miss a session, you can view the recording to catch up. [When you register, you’ll be asked to sign a release giving permission for this use, and also possible use for creating future learning materials. In the event of use for future learning materials, we are sensitive to any requests to omit a small portion if doing so doesn’t compromise the flow of the training.]

Investment: $395


  • All 5 webinars
  • Handouts for each method taught, including easy-to-use scripts to guide yourself and others.
  • Access to Webinar recordings (until 2 weeks following the last Webinar).
  • Access to online forum to find practice partners. (if you choose)

Bonus: Free Practice Group Sessions. 90 mins each. As part of the Wholeness Foundation training, you’ll have access to three optional free practice sessions. In each session, you’ll be able to pair up with another participant to practice one of the Wholeness formats. Practice sessions are hosted by Deepa Somani, a Wholeness Work Trainer, or another experienced Wholeness Coach, so you’ll be able to ask questions and have backup help if needed. These sessions can support you in continuing to use Wholeness Work for your ongoing benefit.

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