Metaphors Of Movement Level III & Masterclass

This training program offers an in-depth advanced exploration into how our unconscious metaphors for moving through life impact who we are what we’re able to do.


What Will I Learn In Level III And The Masterclass?

In the first two days of this training you will learn Metaphors of Movement level III material, which has been updated and refined over the last 3 years. The second 2 days of training will be an Advanced Metaphors of Movement Masterclass. This will feature client demonstrations both with people from outside, and within, the group. In these sessions Andy will demonstrate how he works start to finish with a client, how he elicits multiple metaphors in a single session, and how he weaves in isomorphic metaphorical stories that match the metaphoric elements represented in the client’s metaphors. The Masterclass will also include new updates from the last year of evolution of this method.

Who can attend Level III and the Masterclass?

Anyone who has attended a minimum of Metaphors of Movement level I training (you can get level I online through Andy’s “Metaphors in my Attic” program). We encourage you to have both level I & level II training for best experience, as Andy will at times reference level II material. If you have only done the online level I training, be sure you’ve gone through all the exercises with someone so you have experience guiding someone in the basic level I material.


Tuition: $695

Schedule & Dates: April 24-27, 2020 (Friday – Monday)

  • Fri-Mon: 9:30am–5:00 pm
  • Lunch break of 1 hour each day
  • Please log into zoom 5-10 min. early, as we will start promptly.

Online using Zoom

What You'll Learn In Level III

Now that you have Level I & II training, level III (The Ground Work) will teach additional metaphorical categories such as the Supports, Stage and Performance metaphors, immersion metaphors, and attachments, as well as how to treat these differently in a metaphor session. This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment, and elucidates the principles taught in Level II.

Webinars 1

  • The Fulfillment’s: emotional trading and transactions.
  • Symbolism, meaning and interaction.
  • Dream work and dream analysis.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Time.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Business and Money.

Webinars 2

  • Chunking up the immediate metaphoric environment to global proportions as a projection from our psyche.
  • Gaia – The personification of the Earth:
  • Anthropomorphisation in metaphoric symbolism.

What You'll Learn In The Masterclass:

With level I-III training, you now have the foundational material to adeptly handle any metaphorical category or experience that may arise in a session. Now that you have this understanding, the Masterclass gives you opportunity to see Andy Austin demonstrate complete client sessions, from start to finish, and how he elicits not just one, but many metaphors in a single session. Andy will show us how he uses the initial intake form to decide what metaphors to elicit in the first session, how eliciting multiple metaphors in a single session increases the impact and allows important themes to emerge, and how he determines how much time to leave before scheduling the follow-up session.

Webinars 3

  • Witness a client demonstration with someone from outside the group, who Andy has never met with or interacted with before.
  • Learn how to get the most impact in a client session by eliciting multiple metaphors at the same time in a single session, and how to notice and feed back idiomatic themes through connections across these multiple metaphors.
  • Within a metaphor, how to identify important themes from unimportant ones, and with the important themes ask, “what is this like” to elicit further metaphors to explore.
  • Working with coherent and incoherent metaphors.
  • Learn the relationship between specific metaphoric taxonomies. One easy example of this is how “container” metaphor experience primarily protects from “hurts” metaphor experience.

Webinars 4

  • Get the new updates based on the last year of Metaphors of Movement evolution.
  • Witness additional client demonstrations.
  • The meanings and differences between internal metaphor (i.e. the burdens) and external metaphors (i.e. the landscape).
  • The living death metaphor.
  • Rule structure and how NLP’s ‘Modal Operators’ appear and function in metaphor.
  • The mysterious and yet pervasive 0=2 mystical formula.
  • Zero Sum and Non-Zero Sum Game Theory and the TD E/I Minimization.
  • Systems Theory and The Prisoners Dilemma within the experiential metaphor.
  • Working with trauma.

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