Core Transformation Foundation Video Training

The classic video training, now available on streaming video. 

The complete Core Transformation Foundation, now on streaming video. No DVDs to ship or scratch!

People have experienced all sorts of profound changes with Core Transformation including…

You might ask how one technique could be responsible for helping people experience results in so many different areas of life? Through Core Transformation you find that what you perceive as limitations in your life are actually doorways toward resolution.

Discover how you can experience personal transformation, integration and spiritual healing through the Core Transformation process taught on this streaming video training. Over seven hours of video including live training, demonstrations, and follow-up reviews, guiding you step-by-step through three gentle and profound processes:

Why teach more than one process? Because we find that participants who don’t “get” Core Transformation right away often “get” Aligning Perceptual Positions, and vice versa. Parental Timeline Re-Imprinting then deepens the changes experienced with Core Transformation. So teaching all 3 methods leads to more people getting the changes they are wanting.

This is a complete workshop experience, specially designed to be accessible to everyone. No prior background is needed. However, seasoned NLP practitioners already using these processes will find that this treasure trove offers additional skills and insights useful toward cultivating greater understandings and precision for your practice.

You can own this program for less than half the cost of a live seminar with the benefit of being able to review the material as many times as you want, and without the expense of travel or time away from work.

New: Get live-online paired practice of all the exercises in this course!

The way to truly learn and benefit from this training is to practice the processes. Yet many people who study online find it difficult to find enough regular practice partners. You can now get live-online paired practice with all the exercises in this training when you sign up for the Core Transformation practice group. All you need to do is:

  1. ) Sign up to the Core Transformation practice group before a “Core Transformation foundation” month (every other month), and be sure to watch the relevant portion of your Core Transformation streaming training before each Saturday practice.
  2. ) OR, if you prefer you can watch your entire Core Transformation streaming training, and sign up for the practice group at any time.

What you’ll receive:

If you’re ready to learn these powerfully effective methods for personal change, invest in this classic training today.

9 Videos Capturing All Of The Demonstrations, Questions & Answers

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What People Are Saying About Core Transformation Foundation

Fatih K., Belgium
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“My issue had to do with feeling unworthy. And I expected at the end to feel worthy… but instead, when I got to my core state, I didn’t feel worthy, neither did I feel unworthy. It was like the whole concept of being/feeling (un)worthy did not exist to me anymore. I was just being…that felt sooo good.”
Ellie Simmons, RPP, RPE, Colorado, USA
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“What a treat! I will use this for the rest of my life and career as a Polarity Practitioner. (It) is so valid and powerful.”
Training Participant
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“The seminar was incredible for me in that [when I went back home dealing my mother] I felt a deep calmness and ability to let things go, where I would have made an issue with it before. My mother is very controlling and is constantly giving orders. I came through that experience with a perspective that allowed her to be ‘herself’ and me to do what I needed to do for me.”
J., Denver, CO
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“My ‘stuck’ career is now moving forward in a positive direction, and I attribute this directly to Core Transformation. It moved something out of my way that I hadn’t realized was there.”
Chris Darby, Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, Aloha Wellness Int’l, LLC
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“[The Training] gave me some new tools to help myself and others quickly become clearer, cleared and focused on the present possibilities for inner connection and peace. Many thanks to Tamara for her excellent ability to listen, observe, understand and provide honest, helpful feedback.…the program was beautifully taught and …the exercises really anchored the concepts on a practical level. The biggest shift I had was the experience of letting go of what initially seemed like limitations anchored within me since childhood. The CT process made it amazingly quick and easy to…see walls dissolve and to be freed, to live fully in the present, to “time travel” to my present self!”
Anonymous Participant
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“I continue to be stunned at the power and effectiveness of the training. I’ve been searching for decades for tools that could help me understand and CHANGE issues that had been holding me hostage for a lifetime. Core Transformation is more powerful, easy, useful and effective than anything else I’ve seen and I continue to use it often.”

About Tamara Andreas

Tamara Andreas is an international transformational seminar leader and co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within, and the Core Transformation Training Manual. She has been bringing the Core Transformation work to people around the world for over two decades, and has been the lead trainer for this process and for the Wholeness Work trainings in Asia.  She has used Core Transformation in depth in her own life, which enriches what she offers in both trainings and private coaching sessions. Since 2007, Tamara has been offering in-depth Core Transformation Trainings in Japan, where she now teaches a customized training series and mentors a growing group of members of the Japan Core Transformation Trainer’s Association. People trust Tamara’s adept skill in creating safety and clarity through which to explore their own transformations. Her heartfelt and gentle style, along with her mastery of the material, make her a well-loved and effective Trainer. Tamara makes presentations tailored for business groups, health professionals and educators. She lives and works with her husband and son in Colorado.

Core Transformation: Reaching The Wellspring Within
by Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas

Available on Amazon! This book will take you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided through 10 simple steps, through which your limitations become the doorway to powerfully transforming states of being that most people describe as “inner peace” “love” or “oneness.”

9 Videos Capturing All Of The Demonstrations, Questions & Answers

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