Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (CTTMP)


Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (CTTMP)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions others have asked about the CTTMP, with answers from Connirae Andreas:

The methods you will be offering people through CT are very deep life-changing methods. It’s worth learning them with a depth to match what they can do.

When I originally worked to develop a team of CT Trainers, about 15 years ago, I asked all of the CT trainers to assist with me and/or Tamara, 2-3 times as a minimum. They always found it valuable to do that. Both CT and APP have a lot of potential depth, and I haven’t found that people really learn the ins and outs in one training. With one training you can teach it and get good results, but not nearly to its full potential.

This seems to be especially true with APP. It seems to take people a while to really “get” APP—even though it is fundamentally very simple. When I have coached some very excellent trainers & reviewed their demos even after they have been to 1 or 2 of my trainings, often I could see that they were missing some important keys to the process–to making it really work. I hate to see it go out that way, because it’s just not going to get the level of results that’s possible. So that is my reason for taking the time to make so many examples available.

Quite a few therapists have told me that after learning Core Transformation, it has become one of the main methods they use. It would be possible to build an entire “therapeutic method” based on that one method, and spend years training people in its subtleties. (It’s been done with many methods less powerful.) I really do feel there is great value in having access to a range of good examples of these methods. Every person is a bit different in how they go through the process, and every training group is different—the subtle adaptations can matter.

The 3 processes taught are the same in both.

In addition to the above, most people find it helpful to experience both Tamara and I teaching the material. We each have our own unique style and strengths. Tamara has taught the CT Foundation training well over 100 times and is very smooth at training it. She shines at making it easy for people, creating a safe space for change, and many other things.

I love the uniqueness of each demo–I enjoy adapting the processes for the individual in front of me, and I think that the range of demos in the TMP will add to the artistry that you can then pick up for your own work.

Each of the three seminars unfolds in a somewhat different way. By having the three, you can see several different ways to present APP, and also CT. The major alternatives are included as “Options” in the Trainer Manual, but there is nothing like seeing and hearing them unfold.

Probably the Trainer Manual is the most important part of the package; however the range of training samples are what flesh it out, and the handouts make it easy to walk into a training with excellent support materials.

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