Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (CTTMP)

If you’ve already the Core Transformation Foundation course, and the Advanced Core Transformation course, and you want to become a Core Transformation Trainer, this packet will be a tremendous resource for you.
Core Transformation is a powerful method, and we welcome capable and dedicated people to learn “best practices” for teaching CT to others. Please begin by reading our “Trainer Pathway” page. This page lays out the steps that will lead to your being an excellent Core Transformation Trainer.
You can read on here/below, to learn about the Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet.

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Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (CTTMP)

Now you can get a huge “jump start” in offering high-quality, and successful Core Transformation trainings. The beginning trainer will find this kit offers a clear and easy-to-use training plan-saving countless hours of prep time. The advanced trainer will find the depth you want, to go beyond your current level in both artistry and in advanced understandings and training options.

We make make this available through licensing agreement, rather than selling it through our website.

The Training Design you’ll receive gives you a complete, ready-to-go 3-Day Training, with approximately 1 Day on Aligning Perceptual Positions, a powerfully impactful method for enhancing & improving our relationships through coming to wholeness within. This is by far the most detailed material on this method that is available.

Learning outcomes

Here's what you will receive

All of the above materials are made available to you through a lifetime licensing agreement. You can use them for all of your trainings, with no additional royalties due to us, ever.


Investment: $700

One-time fee, plus actual shipping costs. Often similar Trainer Packets are licensed for 3-5 times this amount. We have chosen to price this packet low enough to make it affordable to anyone seriously interested in offering CT Trainings, yet high enough that there is some chance Connirae & Tamara will be (partly) reimbursed for their extensive time commitment in providing this for you. Your investment will usually be recovered by the tuition of two participants in your first training.


Order the Trainer Materials Packet

To Order: E-mail us at [email protected] to receive a copy of the licensing agreement, and ordering procedure. Find out how you can be part of the new Core Transformation Training Team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions others have asked about the CTTMP, with answers from Connirae Andreas:

In addition to taking the Core Transformation Foundation training, and the Advanced Core Transformation training, I recommend getting the Core Transformation Foundation Video training as well if you haven’t already. This gives you a complete recorded training to reference as you’re preparing your own trainings, and it’s also a different example than any live training you attended. It’s really helpful to see as well as hear the flow of the training, and having the visual available is especially important in grasping how to teach the Aligning Perceptual Positions (APP) material well.

Experiencing the flow of this training with Tamara is the place to start for those wanting to offer quality trainings. Tamara is an exceptional model for you to use in developing your own training style.

With Tamara’s training as a base, the Trainer Materials Packet will have more value. It will be easier to get full use out of the Trainer Manual after seeing and hearing her teach, and even my two audio seminars included in the TMP will come to life more completely after seeing and hearing Tamara teach the material.

The methods you will be offering people through CT are very deep life-changing methods. It’s worth learning them with a depth to match what they can do.

When I originally worked to develop a team of CT Trainers, about 15 years ago, I asked all of the CT trainers to assist with me and/or Tamara, 2-3 times as a minimum. They always found it valuable to do that. Both CT and APP have a lot of potential depth, and I haven’t found that people really learn the ins and outs in one training. With one training you can teach it and get good results, but not nearly to its full potential.

This seems to be especially true with APP. It seems to take people a while to really “get” APP—even though it is fundamentally very simple. When I have coached some very excellent trainers & reviewed their demos even after they have been to 1 or 2 of my trainings, often I could see that they were missing some important keys to the process–to making it really work. I hate to see it go out that way, because it’s just not going to get the level of results that’s possible. So that is my reason for taking the time to make so many examples available.

Quite a few therapists have told me that after learning Core Transformation, it has become one of the main methods they use. It would be possible to build an entire “therapeutic method” based on that one method, and spend years training people in its subtleties. (It’s been done with many methods less powerful.) I really do feel there is great value in having access to a range of good examples of these methods. Every person is a bit different in how they go through the process, and every training group is different—the subtle adaptations can matter.

We’ve made the Trainer Manual and Trainer Materials Packet as complete and detailed as we can to support your success.

Here’s an overview of training/experience background we feel leads to high quality CT trainings.

1. In Core Transformation, after taking the CT Foundation training (either live or streaming video) and the Advanced CT training, I recommend that CT Trainers have attended at least 2 other CT Foundation Trainings, with different experienced CT trainers if possible. While I believe live training (and assisting) is the best when possible, you can also get this experience through…

A. the Core Transformation Foundation video training taught by Tamara, and
B. the 2 Core Transformation Trainings (taught by me) available through the Trainer Materials Packet.

C. Though it’s not required, we highly recommend taking our Core Transformation Coach Certification training to gain super in-depth skills with Core Transformation.

D. Another CT Training that is available is called “The Aligned Self” training, and is available through NLP Comprehensive as an audio seminar.

The most effective Core Transformation Trainers I know all have this level of background, and some have more.

2. NLP Training Background: I recommend having NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training as a background. This provides a wider range of skill in dealing with the sometimes unusual things that can happen when people deal with the major issues that it is possible to heal through Core Transformation.

Some people have this depth from another “route,” for example Ericksonian Hypnosis training. It is important that the training background be experience-based.

*Note: recently some NLP Practitioner and Master trainings have become extremely short-some as brief as 2 days or even 2 hours! While I understand the “marketing” reasons for offering people a certificate in a short time, for your skill development, I highly recommend getting a substantially more complete training.

3. Experience working with individual clients is also valuable in terms of having the depth to deal with whatever comes up.

4. Do Core Transformation with yourself. When you use the CT process with your own life issues, you have a level of congruence and integration of the material that makes it easier for your participants to experience the depth of the process. Plus, you get the personal transformation! I encourage all CT trainers to discover what fits best for you to use CT regularly. Some like to do it once/day for a while, or once/week or once/month. The key is that it feels nourishing to you—not like a job. For example, you may find that doing CT before going to bed is a great way to relax and fall into a deep sleep. Or you can do it to rest and center mid-day. You don’t have to do the whole process each time. I often do just the Core State Exercise–Or I begin the process as I drift off to sleep and invite my unconscious to continue.

In licensing trainers to use the Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet, we are not offering endorsement. To endorse a training/trainer, we would need to know a lot about your training through a process of coaching and video or live training review. We recognize that it may not be affordable or desirable for many trainers to go through the time and expense such a process would take.

This is why we are making the CTTMP available-to maximize the quality of CT being taught, in a way that meets the needs of trainers.

With the CTTMP, you can say in your publicity that you are using Tamara’s and my training design through a licensing agreement. Your participants will know you have access to a well-tested training design, in-depth trainer materials, and state-of-the-art participant notes.

If you would like to have our endorsement of your Core Transformation Training, visit to learn more about the process of mentorship and coaching. While this can be a rewarding process, I don’t encourage trainers go through it unless they feel the coaching itself will be worth the time and money involved.

I do believe trainers will be successful primarily based on their own skill and the reputation you develop through your own workshops-many of our CT Trainers either have already developed their own reputations, or are developing them based on the quality of their work. Core Transformation workshops are very satisfying to offer because participants are so pleased with the results they get through these methods.

The current licensing fee is $700 (plus shipping) for the lifetime individual license to use these training materials. Depending upon what you charge for the training, you will have your investment paid for with approximately your first 2 participants.

I’ve been advised that Trainer Packages are often quite a bit more expensive–some colleagues of ours have a Trainer Package for another 3-day workshop for several thousand dollars. I chose to set the fee lower, my goal to make it affordable for anyone seriously interested in training, and still high enough to have the potential for reimbursing Tamara and I for our considerable time and expense in putting it all together.

The agreement basically says that the material is licensed to you as an individual, that you have lifetime rights to use the material including all handouts in your live trainings, with no extra usage fees due to me; you agree to maintain copyrights; the license is non-transferable; the license doesn’t mean endorsement (that would be a separate process) but does mean you can say you are using the training design developed by Tamara and I. You also have the right to translate the material into another language (keeping our copyright as the English source, and adding a copyright for the other language.)
To request a copy of the licensing agreement (or to order the CTTMP), e-mail “[email protected]

The 3 processes taught are the same in both.
In addition to the above, most people find it helpful to experience both Tamara and I teaching the material. We each have our own unique style and strengths. Tamara has taught the CT Foundation training well over 100 times and is very smooth at training it. She shines at making it easy for people, creating a safe space for change, and many other things.

I love the uniqueness of each demo–I enjoy adapting the processes for the individual in front of me, and I think that the range of demos in the TMP will add to the artistry that you can then pick up for your own work.

Each of the three seminars unfolds in a somewhat different way. By having the three, you can see several different ways to present APP, and also CT. The major alternatives are included as “Options” in the Trainer Manual, but there is nothing like seeing and hearing them unfold.

Probably the Trainer Manual is the most important part of the package; however the range of training samples are what flesh it out, and the handouts make it easy to walk into a training with excellent support materials.

I developed and tested both Core Transformation and Aligning Perceptual Positions in 1989, and first taught them in a Post Master Practitioner Training (to an international group in Colorado) in March, 1990.

The Participant Handouts: The original handout version was from March 1990, but you get the most updated version with both the CT Foundation Video program and the CTTMP. I have made refinements in the wording many times since the book came out. They are unusually good handouts–wording is VERY carefully worked out. It’s hard not to be successful using them.

The Trainer Manual: Tamara wrote the first draft in early 1995. Since then, I’ve added a lot to it over time, doubling the length to include more content and make it more complete especially for trainers who haven’t worked with Tamara or I personally. (The first trainers all worked closely with me or Tamara.) I’ve just reworked it again, using input from the new trainers who have been using it along with my own sense of what I would want to have as a trainer. I’ve been devoting a lot of time to this project because I want to support having the CT and APP work available to more people at a high level of competence.

My 1-hour introduction to NLP was from 1995.

The two full audio trainings of my workshops are from 1991 & 1995. I annotated the two trainings last year, so you get my current thoughts (in 27 pages linked to the audio tracks) about what I liked, what I would do differently, and why I did certain things that might not otherwise be obvious. I chose the ’91 training because it was one of my earlier trainings to an advanced audience (many trainers were there), and I answered a lot of questions I won’t usually address in a training. It’s great for potential trainers but not so good for participants to answer so many questions. The ’95 training is for people without previous background.

The Coaching/Assistant Guidelines Tamara wrote in ’96 or ’97. I think they are still excellent and I haven’t revised them.

The 3-Day DVD Workshop of Tamara is from 2005, in Denver CO. This is, of course, separate from the Trainer Materials Packet.

We Also Recommend

Core Transformation
The Full 3-Day Workshop with Tamara Andreas

This is a complete workshop experience, specially designed to be accessible to everyone. No prior background is needed.

2024 CT Coach Certification
Dates & Times

With a $400 Deposit, you can register for CT Coach Certification 2024 and secure your place in next year’s training at this year’s earlybird price. To register for 2024, email Rory at [email protected] and he’ll send you instructions.

Here are the 2024 dates:

We don’t know if we’ll increase prices next year not. Either way, this locks you into the lowest possible rate for the CT Coach Certification in 2024 (saves you a minimum of $550, and possibly more).

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