Recertification Hub: CT Coach Cert.

Recertification Hub: CT Coach Cert.

Please complete the study materials below, and then see “Step 4: Schedule Skills Role-Pley” to schedule your 60-minute skills role-play sometime before Dec. 15.

As you know, your Core Transformation certification is good for three years, and we are now part way through the third year. The good news is that to keep your certification current, it’s MUCH easier than it was to get certified in the first place! We also hope that the process will give you even more learning and confidence in your skills.

We estimate that for most people, the whole recertification process will take between 6 and 12 hours, depending on how up-to-date your skills already are. This will extend your certification for another three years. (Your certification will be extended to 3 years beyond the expiration of your previous certification).

Goals of Recertification:

The goal for recertification is to ensure that our certified coaches are keeping up their CT skills, and are meeting current standards for CT coach certification.

Over the years, our training has evolved, and we’ve developed a better way for our coaches to demonstrate that they have the most essential skills of Core Transformation, in a short amount of time. We now do what we call a “skills role-play,” in which a trainer/mentor is role-playing a client, and the coach guides the role-play client through the CT process. This takes about an hour to do, and allows the coach to demonstrate:

  1. Doing appropriate framing before starting. (We’ll give you standard framing to use, and it’s OK if you even read it for the skills role-play. So this is easy.)
  2. Following the CT Foundation Script (unless there’s a reason to say something else).
  3. Identifying an effective starting place (we give you a “cheat sheet” with the questions you’ll need).
  4. Eliciting the Outcome Chain appropriately.
  5. Responding appropriately to a part that “comes up.”
  6. Managing a 2-parts situation appropriately (working one part at a time, not both at once)
  7. After finishing with the part you started with and any parts that emerged, going on into Phase 4, steps 2-5.

As you can see, we’re looking for the basic CT skills that a coach uses frequently. We aren’t asking you to demonstrate the advanced formats, (such as working with more than one part at the same time).

We’ve also developed more training materials, to make it easier to develop and enhance the skills above. For example, we now have a Beyond the Script course, which teaches some of the skills on the list above. And more (see below).

So, this is the process that we’ve come up with, for our wonderful 2020 certified coaches to demonstrate skills and be ready for another 3 years of coach certification.

Recertification Process:

What if I don't Recertify?

If, in the Skills Role-Play, you aren’t demonstrating the level of skill needed for re-certification, you can schedule another Skills Role-Play for an additional cost of $100.  However, we think that with the suggested preparation above, most people will do fine in the Skills Role-Play the first time. 

Reminder: we want you to learn through the process as well as demonstrating the foundational skills listed above. (We’re looking for a good level of skill, but not perfection.) So please expect to receive feedback through the process from your Skills Role-Play Mentor. After your skills role-play, your Mentor will then check with Tamara & Mark, and the ultimate decision for recertification will be up to Tamara and Mark.  

If you choose not to re-certify in 2023, then your certification will lapse, and there may be a different process if you wish to pursue recertification at a later date. 

We hope you’ll appreciate the value of deepening your skills through our re-certificaiton process, while also keeping your CT Certification current.


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