Metaphors Of Movement: Overview Page

Metaphors Of Movement

Helping people with the daily challenges of life through a unique take on mental health, using metaphors.

Experience a new way to get in touch with where you are starting, so you can know how to actually get where you want to be
Learn to communicate idiomatically in a way that matches another person’s metaphorical experience with clairvoyant precision, demonstrating your understanding of their unique situation
Learn how not to have outcomes for your clients, and paradoxically how this can allow attainable outcomes to emerge for them.
Increase your flexibility and choice in interaction, by learning how to ignore the usual modes of communication, and how to pay attention to what we usually ignore.


From a single metaphorical phrase such as “it’s an uphill struggle” learn how to deduce huge amounts of information about someone’s experience, and how to match their experience with idiomatic communication. This demonstrates your understanding of their unique situation that perhaps no-one, not even themselves, has understood before now.

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