Metaphors Of Movement
Level II

Relationships and emotional health, including Attachments, Immersions, Supports, Stages and much more…

REGISTER HERE FOR Feb 22-23 & Mar 1-2, 2025

What Is Level II?

Level 2 completes what you began in level 1. You will learn key additional metaphorical taxonomies not taught in level 1. Knowing what these metaphorical categories mean, and how to work with them, will provide you with the ability to work with any metaphor you encounter. Level 2 is focused particularly on relationships, emotional health, and the stages of life, as well as other aspects not covered in level 1 such as introduction to business and money metaphors, plus more.

REGISTER HERE FOR Feb 22-23 & Mar 1-2, 2025

What You'll Learn In Level II

Now that you know and have practiced the structure of the Metaphors of Movement process, and learned the most basic metaphor categories, you’ll learn about relational positioning within metaphor, as well as additional key metaphorical categories (taxonomies) and how to work with them differently. The overall theme of level II is that of relationships and emotional health.

Webinars 1 & 2

  • Learn about the seven Relational Positions in metaphor: where we stand in relation to something or someone.
  • Practice and explore the idioms of Relational Positions.
  • Learn about the Hurts metaphors: emotional injury and emotional health.
  • Understand what darkness means in a metaphor, and what to do with it.
  • The body and physical health metaphors.
  • Living Death Metaphor: Not having a life
  • Further explore the metaphorical taxonomies learned thus far (including level 1 taxonomies)
  • The Supports (environmental): the ground on which we walk.
  • The Supports (anatomy and embodiment): supporting one’s self, receiving support, supporting others.
  • The Cause: why we stand and what we stand for.
  • The Leg Work: the relationship between the body and the ground.
  • The Attachments and partial containers: what we’re tied up in, and what holds us back

Webinars 3 & 4

  • Introduction to Business and Money Metaphors
  • Conceptual Metaphor vs Embodied Metaphor
  • Using time-tested models as metaphors for business success.
  • The Immersions: What overwhelms us.
  • Stage, acting and performance metaphor: the roles we play
  • Multiple identities, religion, and God.

Price: $395

Special Bonus: If you like, you can get a 90-min. Metaphors of Movement session with Mark Andreas for the reduced price of $150, after you sign up for this level I training. These sessions will take place over Zoom either before or after the training. Contact Mark here to arrange your session.

Training Dates & Times: February 22-23 & March 1-2, 2024 (Saturdays & Sundays)
Each webinar will be 10:00am – 1:30pm, Denver Colorado time

Location: Online using Zoom

Your Trainer Mark Andreas

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