New Live Video Podcast


Here's Some Of The Questions We'll Explore:

  • What are 3 important ways that CT and IFS are aligned?
  • What is “Self Energy” in IFS, and how does Core Transformation make it much easier to experience this?
  • Why is CT an important skill set for anyone who’s been exploring IFS?
  • What does CT contribute that’s unique?
  • How and why is CT able to help IFS practitioners reach their goals quickly and reliably?
  • How can an IFS practitioner get the most out of CT?

This podcast is specially intended for IFS Practitioners, and those with an IFS background.

And we welcome everybody! This podcast will also be useful for CT coaches and therapists who want to understand how to best meet the needs of clients with an IFS background.

Please join us if you’ve got a little time on Friday, February 10th – or watch later at your convenience.

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