How to Release Stress: Wholeness Work Guided Meditation

As events unfold in the Ukraine and surrounding areas, many people around the world are experiencing extraordinary stress. 

In times like these it’s particularly helpful to have a way to release stress, and come to a place of peace within. This can put us in the best position to face the real issues of the day. 

The Wholeness Work gives us a way to release stress in a way that does more than just help us relax. People who are using it report that it 

  • brings us to a peaceful presence within, 
  • makes it easier to think clearly, to problem-solve, and to find our best possible course of action, 
  • feels like it resets the nervous system, 
  • and makes it easier to sleep well, even in a crisis situation.

The reason the Wholeness Work Meditation does this is because it helps us quickly access a deeper level of our experience. This process gives us a way to actually find the unconscious structures that create the stress response, and help these “dissolve and melt” in an easy and kind way. 

You can start learning how to do this now, by listening to the free Wholeness Meditation audio linked in the video below…

Using this meditation doesn’t mean the outside events are somehow magically changed. But it does mean that instead of being in a stress response, we’re able to find a peaceful presence within. And that can make all the difference. This gives us our best chance at finding practical solutions in our life.

Do you want to have a way to “de-stress” and come back to balance?

How is this different than other meditations?

Many meditations attempt to get people to go directly to a place of peace and calm within.

For many people this doesn’t work, especially when stressed, because we are actually feeling lots of “not calm.” This “not calm” experience doesn’t just disappear that easily.

The Wholeness Work meditation is different in that it helps us discover the inner structures that create the stress response. These structures have been outside our conscious awareness, yet are easy to notice with this process. When they are discovered and invited to relax, this can make finding this place of peaceful presence possible. Sometimes even easy. 

People report that using this Wholeness Work meditation feels like a kindness inside – we don’t have to fight with our feelings of stress or worry or fear, we can welcome them and they actually become the doorway to the peaceful presence.

Do you want to experience this for yourself?

Try listening to this free audio and follow along. Find out what you experience…

A Report from Maria …

One of our Wholeness Work students, Maria, has been using this method to help her contacts in the Ukraine to get better sleep, so that they can take care of themselves and their children as best they possibly can. She reports that it’s been helping tremendously.

Maria reported, “Many people in the Ukraine are watching the news all of the time. And of course they are being bombarded with images of destruction. This is very stressful for them, and yet they can’t stop watching. A woman I worked with reported that after the Wholeness Work, she could finally feel peace inside, so she didn’t feel that she needed to check the news all the time.”

Of course, this is just one example. There are many ways that the Wholeness Work can help someone who is dealing with a crisis situation.

Because of this urgent need, we’ve moved quickly to release a “draft version” of a simplified guided Wholeness Work meditation. The Wholeness Work is the best way we know of to dissolve stress and also to improve sleep.

We are making this available for free to anyone in the world who is dealing with extra stress right now.

Because this is a draft version, we expect to make changes and additions. So please check back again soon, to find out if there’s more free material for you. Eventually this will be one module in a more complete course.


Module 1: Guided meditation. Find a comfortable place where you can rest for 25 minutes and be guided though a simplified version of Wholeness Meditation.

More Modules to come!

The next modules will include

*Variations on the Guided Meditation, including what to do with inner voices, or troublesome images.

*Explanation of the Wholeness Work principles – why this method works.

If You Want More Support in Getting the Benefits from this Meditation

This free Stress Dissolving Meditation can already be effective on its own for many people. In fact, many people tell us this meditation is much easier for them than traditional types of meditation. (If you like your current meditation, you can consider using this as a complementary option.)

If you need more support to get the Benefits we’re describing here, we’d like to offer you more. Here are options already available…

  1. Free Copy of the Book: The book (titled “Coming to Wholeness: How to Awaken and Live with Ease”,  gives you a lot more guidance in how this method works. It includes the full Wholeness Work meditation format, plus it will help you understand how and why this meditation works. You can get a free PDF of the book here.
  2. Free Coaching Sessions: If you’re in the Ukraine, or if you’re a Ukrainian refugee, our network of trained students and practitioners is volunteering their time to support you. A coach can guide you personally and adapt the process to fit your needs. Subject to availability of course. (This link takes you to a page on one of our volunteers’ websites, who was able to put the page up quickly.)
  3. Free  for limited time: The Wholeness Work: 3-Day Video Training. Access here and scroll down!
  4. More free resources:  Because we want to do what we can to support peace, we’re temporarily giving away four of our best and most popular products, to everyone. These are: Core Transformation Foundation Video TrainingThe Wholeness Work: 3-Day Video Training, Resolving Grief: video download, and Eye Movement Integration. Access here and scroll down! These can help each of us dissolve stress and transform emotional and relationship challenges, in a deep and often profound way. When each of us finds peace within, we’re more able to create peace in the world around us.

Please share with others!

Do you know others who are experiencing stress right now? Please send them a link to this page. 


Special thanks to Trina Brunk for the music track for this guided meditation!

* This free access will remain available at least for the duration of the current crisis. 

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