Free Video Demonstration of the “standard swish” with nail-biting.

In response to my recent blog post, “How to Ruin the Swish Pattern” several people asked for a demonstration of how to do the process correctly. This is the first demonstration from our 1986 swish video; the second demonstration on that video shows Connirae gathering information and designing a swish in the auditory system for a woman who went “ballistic” when her daughter used a certain tone of voice.

Free 2016 NLP Mindfest

Fourteen different presentations, starting October 24. My session is a quick audio tour through many of the exercises in my two books on Transforming Negative Self-Talk.

Two Great Books

The Checklist Manifesto: how to get things right, by Atul Gawande, M. D. The principle is ridiculously simple, the telling of it is fascinating, and the results from using it can be life-altering.

Never Split the Difference: negotiating as if your life depended on it, by Chris Voss. If you think you know all there is to know about negotiating, read this book and learn more. Key principles, illustrated with detailed stories of actual negotiations with terrorists and kidnappers. Some of his moves will be familiar to NLPers, others won’t, and he also misses some good moves, like implication and meta-outcome. In many of his extreme examples it really is true that splitting the difference doesn’t work; you want all the hostages released. When he applies his methods to more ordinary situations, his approach is more adversarial, and he tends to ‘diss win/win solutions. That said, it’s a great read you can learn from.

New Ways to Work with Last-Chance Couples, with Terry Real

It’s very difficult to find even very short video clips that show what a therapist actually does with clients; it is rarer still to find longer videos that demonstrate skillful interventions. In this four-hour course hosted by Rich Simon, editor of the Psychotherapy Networker, the first session is a “talking heads” introduction to Terry’s work, the next two are extensive video clips of work with a couple, with discussion, and the fourth is a follow-up with the couple nine months later. Terry is an unusually skilled clinician, with a direct kindness, especially good at identifying the interpersonal dynamics between couples, helping them to recognize their own loops, in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way. Some of his interventions will be familiar to NLPers, others not, and he is missing some key NLP moves that could make his work faster and more effective and complete. For instance, the “inner child” work that he demonstrates is too sketchy, and leaves the younger part unintegrated. Using Core Transformation or some other process directed at changing unconscious understanding would result in deeper and faster healing. That said, Connirae and I both learned a bunch from this course, and we expect to view it again to learn even more. Early registration is discounted almost 60% from the regular price for a limited time. If you could use some CEU’s, this is a great way to get them.