Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a method of personal change that has recently become quite popular. Developed by Richard Schwartz, IFS is a “parts work” process, which means it works through exploring our inner experience in terms of “parts.” As an example, there may be a part of us that feels hurt, and another part that wants to defend. 

IFS teaches ways to help our inner parts to get along better, to release burdens that were taken on from other people, and to be led by the Self. This can create more inner harmony and understanding, and allow the system to be more at ease.

However, for some parts, the path to healing is long. Some parts may never fully let go of destructive or counter-productive patterns. Is there a direct path toward healing that would help these inner parts?

Increasingly, people with an IFS background are finding their way to Core Transformation. Core Transformation, developed by Connirae Andreas, is another parts method. With Core Transformation, we can help each inner part access a powerful resource, called a “Core State.” This is the deepest yearning of this part. The Core State isn’t apparent by looking at the part’s behavior, feeling, or thinking patterns, which may be very limiting or even harmful. But through a precise methodology, we can help the part reach its Core State very reliably and quickly. And the Core State has a remarkable healing potential.

Tune into our live video podcast to explore this question and more! You’ll discover a simple method for discovering “Self Energy” without even needing to ask our parts to step aside or relax. Find out how Core Transformation helps us uncover natural “Self Energy” – and maybe something more.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2023 at 10:00 am Denver Time, streamed live on YouTube.

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Host: Tamara Andreas, with Andreas NLP

Guest: Stephen Josephs, executive coach

Length: About 30-45 minutes, plus Q&A.

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