Free Core Transformation Webinar

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Learn about how our limitations can actually be doorways into profound states of Peace, Beingness, Universal Love, and more!

What this method will teach you – Core Transformation teaches us how to heal ourselves and develop as human beings — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Core Transformation is a Gentle yet Powerful method that has helped many people…

  • Transform and heal difficult emotions, including anxiety, hurt, anger, overwhelm, irritation, fear, grief, guilt, embarrassment, and more.
  • Change unwanted habits, including nail-biting. It’s even helped people with over-eating and addiction.

In this Free Webinar you’ll learn…

  •  How to locate the unconscious “part” of you that is generating an unwanted feeling, behavior, or habit.
  • How to change without trying to get rid of or make any part of you bad or wrong.
  • How to feel a solid and unshakable positive sense of who you are, even in the most difficult situations.
  • How everything we don’t like about ourselves can lead us to a profound “gift within.”

About Tamara Andreas

Co-author of Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within, Tamara is a transformational seminar leader with a private practice. She has used the Core Transformation Process in depth in her own life, and it has become a major focus in her workshops, taught around the world including Japan, Taiwan, Europe, and Boulder, Colorado.

Her heartful and gentle style, along with her masterful skill make her a well-loved and effective Trainer.

Tamara makes presentations tailored for business groups, health professionals and educators. She founded NLP of Ohio, where she offered NLP Trainings before relocating to Colorado.