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About The Course

Experience the groundbreaking Metaphors of Movement work in this comprehensive Level 1 training brought to you by trainer and author, Mark Andreas. This course will guide you through the mind-blowing world of unconscious metaphor, how these metaphors shape our lives, and what they reveal about our complex life experiences.

Course Highlights

  • Learn how to uncover and work with your own unconscious metaphors to enable a deep transformative process to unfold.
  • Gain deep insight and understanding into other people’s experience.
  • Build instant rapport with others by matching your language to their metaphors
  • If you work with clients, learn how to use their metaphors to reveal underlying patterns that are holding them back, or keeping them stuck, and what to do to help them truly get what they want.
  • Guide clients to experience at a visceral level, why their attempted solution is not working–so they can abandon it on their own and do something different, without you needing to convince them of anything
  • Communicate and express complex dynamics without needing to understand them yourself–just describe the metaphor in specific ways, and the wisdom pours forth.
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and future updates!

Why Choose This Course?

  • For a one-time payment of $297, you gain lifetime access to this transformative course. This includes all current course materials, future updates, and access to the facebook group (only available to members of Mark’s metaphors trainings).
  • Quality Content: The course is designed and taught by Mark Andreas, and produced with permission of Andrew T. Austin, the developer of Metaphors of Movement.
  • Lifetime Access: Pay once, and access the course materials, plus updates, forever.
  • Value for Money: At $297, this course offers exceptional value, considering the depth and breadth of the content which includes a bonus full-length client session demonstration with someone not familiar with the Metaphors of Movement process.
  • Immediate Access: Upon purchase, you receive immediate access to all course materials.

Take the first step towards understanding and harnessing the power of metaphors in your life and also with your clients.


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