Hilde had had a difficult and lonely life; recently several years of life-threatening illness had already put her “over the top” into a moderate depression and hopelessness. Her very special cat had died about a month before our session, adding yet another loss. We worked toward resolving her grief, and weakening her belief that “I don’t deserve it” in regard to love and good feelings. An unedited 75-minute NLP client session with follow-up.

This session gives a wonderful example of how to use the Wholeness Work with ourselves, or with our clients. Connirae works with the life issue Sarah brings in — she is finding pregnancy very difficult, feeling overwhelmed and unable to do even simple things like cooking dinner. Sarah has no background information about the process, so Connirae sets the frames needed to fully experience and benefit.

Find more Wholeness Work resources here, including a free video and in-person trainings with the developer, Connirae Andreas.

Alanna was incongruent about telling people how much she charged for her biofeedback sessions, and often gave sessions for half-price or free. Underlying her incongruence was an internal voice that said, “You’re not good enough.” This voice was internalized from her mother, and occurred in a wide range of contexts.

An unedited 53-minute session with three-month follow-up.

Lori had successfully lost 150 pounds over a period of two years, with an intense program of exercise and food monitoring. However, for the last year she had “hit a plateau” with no further progress. In his uniquely creative and provocative style, neurolinguist and clinical hypnotherapist Andrew T. Austin helps Lori explore her “plateau” metaphor in detail, providing her with a range of new behavioral choices.

Whether you or your clients have “hit a plateau,” are “stuck in a rut,” or just “aren’t going anywhere,” when you watch this video you will learn more about how to use Metaphors of Movement to “head in the right direction”—towards powerful yet elegant changes with yourself and others.

Jennifer often “froze up” during sex because it reminded her of her father’s sexual abuse from very young up to the age of 9 when this was discovered and her father left. When her current partner was tentative, that reminded her of her father’s tentativeness. When you watch this session, you’ll discover the simple key that broke the connection to Jennifer’s past abuse, freeing her natural sexual response.

An unedited 68-minute NLP client session with follow-up.

Amy had experienced night terrors for 24 years, since before she was 13. “Tons of therapy” over the years, “enough for several trips to Hawaii” had made no change. She would scream in the night, “sometimes so loud that the next day my throat hurts,” but when she woke up she didn’t recall any frightening dream, only a vague sense of running away from a shadowy figure. Although Amy talked about her very difficult birth and possible molestation as potential causes, the main focus in this 43-minute session was on offering her more choices about responding comfortably to the shadowy figure in her sleep. An additional 23 minutes was devoted to offering her more choices about eating. An unedited NLP client session with follow-up. 

Cynthia was a professional pianist whose performance anxiety was a serious block in her career. Sometimes she froze up completely during performance — the musical notes disappeared, and she even lost track of the location of the keys. After this single NLP session, Cynthia described a complete shift: at her next concert, she enjoyed each of the performances that came before her, and then played comfortably when it was her turn. She only recalled her previous anxiety after someone commented on how calm she looked. She also taught the same process to one of her students to resolve her performance anxiety.

Since Gina was very compassionate, she easily became overinvolved with her clients, became “flooded” with their feelings, resulting in daily fatigue, and eventual “burnout.” Creating flexible and effective personal boundaries in this NLP coaching session allowed her to have choice about when to empathize and connect with feeling, and when to be detached, so that she could be more effective, and avoid exhausting herself emotionally. An unedited 51-minute NLP client session with two-month follow-up.

Beryl expressed a strong polarity which she variously described as: moving forward vs. receiving and allowing, risk vs. stability, doing vs. being, confidence vs. fear, masculine vs. feminine, “everything else” vs. love. The task in this 48-minute session was to transform these “either/or” opposites into “both/ands,” so that she could become more integrated, and draw on all her abilities simultaneously. In a second 44-minute session, Beryl processed her mother’s suicide when she was ten years old. Two unedited NLP client sessions with follow-up.

Simon had no trouble motivating himself positively to run a 5K race, which he loved, but he completely avoided dealing with his finances. When a letter came from the IRS, he felt anxious, but then put the letter away unopened, paralyzed by competing fears-of becoming destitute, or becoming like his father, whose whole life was consumed by financial matters. An unedited 44-minute NLP client session with follow-up.

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