Whether an infrequent occurrence or a constant running narrative, internal self-talk can be mildly irritating or severely debilitating. Not always the classic sign of schizophrenia or other serious psychiatric disorder, it’s a common mental health complaint that can lead to depression, anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive thoughts if left unchecked. In this rich collection of practical, take-charge strategies, the author reveals how self-critical voices can be transformed and used to your own advantage.

As a follow-up to his first popular book, Andreas digs deeper here, showing how to actually engage a voice as opposed to simply change it. Rather than talk back or try to silence it, Andreas teaches readers how to join with a voice, clarify what it’s saying, ask for its positive intent, use its specific abilities to your advantage, and more. Follow the exercises and you’ll be equipped to better manage your worst self-talk.

Hearing a judgmental or disapproving internal narrative is a very common mental health complaint, and not always a sign of schizophrenia or another serious diagnosis. Persistent inner chatter and rumination can lead to depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, and more. In this unique collection of practical, take-charge strategies, the author reveals how self-critical voices can actually be altered and used to your own advantage.

Rather than changing the words themselves, Steve Andreas’s approach is to change how the words are spoken through specific, easy-to-implement techniques, such as changing the location of the voice; its distance from you; its tempo, tone, or volume; and much more. Unlike most therapies that advocate talking back or ignoring it, this guide offers exercises for viewing our self-talk as a useful and productive indicator of our emotions, and shows us how to take control of them in a more meaningful way.

In these pages you’ll find riveting stories illustrating clear principles for achieving success with even the most trying of teenagers. In a job where average length of employment is measured in months, and many last only weeks, Mark Andreas not only survived, but thrived while working round-the-clock with troubled teens. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a youth leader, or anyone wanting to connect with and support the teens in your life, may this book offer you an enjoyable road map on the journey.

A series of crises in the author’s life led her on an intensive search for solutions. The result is a new method of personal transformation that is simpler, gentler, more direct, and also appears to be more effective and dependable than previous approaches.

In this book, you’ll find real-life stories from people who’ve done this work and report:

This method has helped people with relationship issues, insomnia, difficult emotions, pre-migraine auras and much more. Even some physical issues have shown improvement. People report “It feels gentle-but has a powerful impact.”

Eastern Spirituality brings us concepts such as “enlightenment” and “loss of the ego.” But for many, the actual experience of these is mysterious and seems esoteric. Can a state of “enlightenment” actually be accessible to the ordinary person? In answering this question, Wholeness Work is a breakthrough in the fields of both spirituality and personal transformation. It isn’t a magic pill that you can try one time and then life is perfect. Instead, it’s a step-by-step approach that brings profound benefits to those seeking personal transformation and/or spiritual growth.

Doing the Wholeness Work feels like a kindness to yourself as you’re doing it; the only side effect is that your life continues improving – gradually and dependably.

If you want a simple, reliable, direct way to make life better, you’ve just found it.

Find out about more the Wholeness Work resources here, including a free video and in-person trainings with the developer, Connirae Andreas.

This engaging introduction to NLP gives you a “front row seat” in following the accounts of people whose lives have been changed and whose dreams became reality by discovering their own inner power to change with NLP. A step-by-step guide to how each change occurred gives you a map to the wide range of change methods you can use in your own life. 253 pp.

While most NLP Introductions are a rehash of the same basic material, this book contains unusual depth and includes some of the field’s most powerful methods. Go right to the heart of NLP with this book.

Each chapter focuses on resolving a meaningful life issue, including…

Although written as an introduction, this book quickly takes you to unusual depth. You’ll find material here that isn’t included in any other books on NLP. The chapter on “Personal Timelines” for example, reveals how to easily uncover our individual ways of coding time, and how this forms the basis for many of our life struggles and strengths. You’ll learn how gently shifting this inner coding can melt away difficulties and open up new talents and gifts.

Written by two of the earliest and most well-respected trainers in the field, the book carries an underlying attitude of heartfulness coloring the skillful guidance available here

Another book you may be interested in is Core Transformation, Reaching the Wellspring Within. You can find more Core Transformation resources here, including a free video.

This book will take you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided through 10 simple steps, through which your limitations become the doorway to powerfully transforming states of being that most people describe as “inner peace” “love” or “oneness.”

Past readers have sent us letters sharing some pretty amazing results. One young man who had been depressed for as long as he could remember, sent an e-mail saying “Thanks! I feel like I got my life back. For the first time, I feel like I have a life.”
A mother wrote saying she had tried the process with her son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD, and mood disorder, and was on many medications. After guiding him through the steps in this book, she was able to reduce his medication to almost zero, and he no longer threw furniture around at school. There were other positive changes as well.

Whether your life’s issues are major or minor, this process can uncover an inner core that brings a deep sense of peace and wellbeing into your life.

You can find more Core Transformation resources here, including a free video and in-person trainings with the co-author, Tamara Andreas. 

After a physical breakdown that made her fear for her life, renowned NLP innovator and teacher Connirae Andreas began to “model” the spiritual teaching of the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi.

With her discovery of how to find the ‘i’ in experience, she created what would become a revolutionary methodology of inner transformation and healing–the Wholeness Work.

The processes she reveals in this book give you access to a gentle yet profound path to transform stress into inner peace. Wholeness Work is a method to heal emotional wounds, improve relationships, experience better sleep, kindle creativity, and even address physical health issues.

In this book you’ll learn how to go beyond “dissolving the ego”–to find and transform the universal structures of the unconscious that hold stress and emotional reactivity in place.

Already tested with thousands of people, these practices are being used by a growing community of individuals, coaches and trainers.

Discover for yourself how this surprisingly simple and kind form of self-nourishment results in a gradual awakening as the true Self that you are. It may change your life.

Andreas NLP provides high-quality NLP training, books, and live online courses, ensuring transformative methods are accessible worldwide.

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