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Core Transformation

How Much Can a Spiritual Life Coach Earn?

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Core Transformation

How to Start a Spiritual
Coaching Practice

Chapter 1 How to Start a Spiritual Coaching Practice OK, so you like the idea of starting a spiritual coaching practice. But what does it

Core Transformation

Spiritual NLP Life Coach Certification

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Core Transformation

Core Transformation Brings Balance for Therapists

Core Transformation Training Brings Balance for Therapists “I decided to go to graduate school in clinical psychology, because I wanted to be able to help

Core Transformation Certification for Therapists

Core Transformation Coach Certification: Benefits for Therapists If you’re a psychotherapist, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any sort of therapist, Core Transformation Coach Certification can increase

Can NLP Help with Relationship Issues?

We all have relationships that are important to us. While relationships can be life’s biggest blessings, they can also be life’s biggest challenges. Fortunately, NLP

Can NLP Help with Stress?

Stress can be caused by many things: pressures and challenges at work, difficult relationships, life transitions, world events, and now also covid. Sometimes, we might

Can NLP Help with Insomnia?

Insomnia can be a serious issue, affecting everything about our lives, including our health! It can be a challenge to shut off our minds at

2023 CT Coach Certification
Dates & Times

The program will meet every Saturday (except Oct 14) from Aug. 19 through Nov. 18. Other than orientation (shorter meeting), meetings are from 10am-1pm Denver CO Time, followed by a bonus 30-min Q & A time after some sessions. Sessions will be held:

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Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level IV

 Connirae will draw upon her experience with herself and clients to add the next level of potent material to help you go farther with the Wholeness Work. We’ll explore…

Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level III

Here's What You'll Learn In
Wholeness Level II

Helping clients improve their communication can make a big difference in their relationships with family and friends, and/or in becoming more successful in their career.
You can help them improve communication by…
  • Teaching communication skills — How to express what you want, in a way that the other person is more likely to hear you and respond positively.
  • Developing the ability to understand others, and
  • Transforming or resolving emotional “hot buttons,” to feel more resourceful and less emotionally reactive.
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