Millennium Harvest House
Lodging & Transportation

Lodging at the Millennium Harvest House:

You are responsible for making your own lodging reservations  and we recommend you do this as soon as possible to be sure you get a room at the exceptional group rate they’ve made available for us.

Training site for Core Transformation March 20-22, Boulder CO:

Special Room Rates for Core Transformation Training:

Millennium is holding a small block of rooms at this incredible rate, and this rate is only available as long as there are open rooms, so book early to ensure you get this rate. If the initial block of rooms is used, they will do their best to open more rooms at this rate, but there are no guarantees. Rooms include free parking & use of the facilities. If you need a room with two beds, you can contact the Hotel to see if they have any available at this same rate, though keep in mind they told us the rooms with 2 beds are not as nice.

Getting a Shared Room Rate: Do you want to save on room cost by sharing a hotel room with another participant? The easiest way to do this is to find a friend or colleague who may want to attend the training, and register with them. If you don’t already know someone, the Boulder Inn has kindly offered to match people from our training who ask to share a room. Contact the manager directly (Ari Rubin) after you’ve made your reservation and he’ll match you with anyone he knows of who is interested in a room share.


There are many restaurants within easy walking distance from the training site in the Millennium Harvest House. In addition, Boulder is known for its vast array of high-quality restaurants of every kind of cuisine. You can enjoy exploring these options by car, bus, or taxi.  Boulder’s Whole Foods Market (located 2.5 miles from training site, 7 mins by car) has a huge salad bar and large food court with about every kind of food you can imagine.

Transportation to the Training Site

Airline Travel: If you’ll be flying in, the best airport to use is Denver International Airport

US Travelers: Southwest Airlines often has the most economical flights to Denver from many US cities, but doesn’t show up on the travel search engines.  Look on their website if you want to check their flights/fares.  Southwest also has great policies: 2 free bags, and if you purchase your ticket online, you can change it at any time without change fees (You only pay more if your new itinerary is more expensive on the day you buy it.) You can even cancel a ticket with 48 hrs notice, and use the full amount to buy another ticket (to any Southwest location) at any time within the next year.  Note: Do confirm these policies with Southwest Airlines.  To search all of the other airline options,

International & US Travelers: Google has a great flight tool. It’s super easy to use. Includes almost all airlines (except Southwest).

UK & US Travelers: sometimes has good deals on airfare, both within the US, and from the UK to the US. We recommend checking this site for either last minute or early tickets.

Getting from the Airport to the Training Site: From Denver International Airport, you have several choices to get to the Millennium Harvest House where the Core Transformation training is held.

  • You can take a Shuttle door-to-door between DIA and the Millennium Harvest House. Green Ride will take you right to where you’re staying in Boulder. For complete information and to make reservations, visit their website, or call 303-997-0238. Alternate phone number: 970-226-5533.
  • There is also an RTD bus service from the airport to Boulder. However, the RTD bus route ends at the station in downtown Boulder, and doesn’t stop at the hotel. So you would need to pay for a taxi or Uber ride from the bus station to the hotel. For most people the shuttle will work out better. 
  • You can rent a car (See below for Driving Information)

Driving Information

If you’re renting a car, the Millennium Harvest House is just under an hour drive from the Denver International Airport (DIA). The Hotel estimates 47 mins using the tollway — allow an hour to be sure.

There are 2 good routes from DIA to the Millennium Harvest House:

Driving Option 1: E-470N (Toll Road)

E-470 North — the Tollway. This is slightly faster, smoother, and completely uncrowded route. The downside is you’ll have to pay the tolls. (Last we checked, that’s $7.80 for the E470 toll and $3.30 for the NW parkway toll or $11.10 total, for one way.)

Driving Option #2: I-70W to I-270W to US36W

I-70W to I-270W to US36W. This route takes 5-10 minutes longer and has more traffic, but it is free. If you’re driving during rush hour, we recommend the tollway instead (In rush hour, this route can take up to a couple hours).